Diary 2014

If you look at that SAAB diary for 2014 On, one might think there was never any problem with the supply of new vehicles from Trollhättan. Regularly the meetings of the individual Stammtisch take place. Very many exits and meetings are organized or are still in preparation. The SAAB community lives and enjoys the great interest of many SAAB riders.

Saab Cars calendar color
Picture of the fall meeting 2013 from the Saab Cars calendar

In the last few weeks I had the opportunity to communicate with many clubs and round tables about the dates for this year. Almost all dates have now been entered. Greetings and thanks again to: Wolfgang from the Rhein-Main area, Andreas from Aachen, Tobi from the Niederrhein regulars table, Thorsten from the Cologne / Bonn regulars table, Alexander from Münster, Wolef from Koblenz, Ulf from the Bergisches Land regulars table, Meike and Peter from the regulars' table Schleswig-Holstein, Thomas from BI / OWL, Josef from the regulars' table Heidelberg / Weinheim, Ulli from Bremen, Jens from the regulars' table Rhein-Ruhr and last but not least Hannes from the Hanover-Braunschweig area.

Many thanks to you all!

We at the blog team know all too well how much passion and sweat you all sacrifice for SAAB.

If you also want to publish a meeting or an exit, you can send an email with the data to

10 thoughts on " Diary 2014"

  • Very nice thing with the diary Tom and Mark.Jeder so raussuchen the event that is interesting for him. We are definitely back in Chemnitz and still like to remember the great ride around Meissen and the Elbe. We are looking forward to it and are sure that there will be a great goal again, just like 2013 the pasta museum in Riesa. The most beautiful is the shop talk on the rest areas.
    See you soon.

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      Heiko @… and the rattling is gone! 😉

      Wolfgang @ We hope that there is something for everyone ... 😉

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    SAAB is alive! Appointment for the exit to Chemnitz is already fixed and the planning is complete! Thanks again to Heiko and the flyer will follow soon!
    25.5.2014 10: 00 is meeting in Chemnitz Sachsenalee!

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      It was also fun and has to say it was worth it. It has become a great tour with nice highlights.

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      At the top right, (dates) a green list with the months goes up. Great job Mark! Thank you!

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        Perfect! As always….
        Kind greeting!

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    Moin, the thanks go back to you! It's fun to read your news and other reports. That we are allowed to publish our regulars' table with you and that one or the other of us has not heard anything from us before! Keep it up! SAAB greetings Wolef

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    It is possible to publish the event calendar as ICS. So you can subscribe to it by Outlook and Co. and then have the appointments always at hand.

    Best regards,


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