SAAB first class service in Kiel

In december we have about that First class service experience written by my friend Achim at Saab Service Frankfurt. Frankfurt is on the doorstep of Achim, so it is no surprise that he ended up on Carl Benz Strasse. We get a lot of attention when a Saab driver from Styria starts to rave about a Saab partner in Kiel ...

Saab 9-3 by Conny
Saab 9-3 by Conny

Klaus, who drives a 9-5 NG sedan, writes us the following email:

“You know that I'm a total fan of the Company Saab Lafrentz in Kiel. That's why I like to leaf through my home page and I notice a 9-3 - 2,0t.
At the same time, my daughter Conny, who also lives in Kiel, is looking for a car. She has not finished her studies for a long time, so her cash register is not really full. If possible year of construction 2014, luxury without end and cost point - the less the better! Then I decided to give her a little help financially.

I called her and told her that I saw a great Saab for her. Then she drove to Saab Lafrentz, whom I had previously contacted and looked at the car.
Conny was fascinated by the first moment of her future car. I think that was on a Tuesday. It was agreed that the car will be ready for delivery in two days and then they make the contract of sale.

So, Conny got sick and it was delayed for more days. Then she did not find her registration form and her insurance papers were also incorrect. She then called the Lafrentz company and said what's up. What she had of papers she delivered to Saab Lafrentz and they took care of all her things until everything was in order. What I must not forget to write is that Conny drove there with her Ford Fiesta. She said there that her brakes had something at the moment. Then Micha Schulz, a Saab technician, took a close look at the matter and Conny was able to drive home without being charged for anything.

Then came the day that she had been looking forward to so much. Your Saab was there - like new. Glossy black with top interior cleaning, with underbody preservation with cavity sealing and and and ... And as a bonus, she got a complete set of aluminum wheels with winter tires, - of course new - of course at Lafrentz.

It was a first-class training and everything explained down to the smallest detail.

Now almost not a day goes by without my Conny calling. No, not to ask how we are, but she happily tells what her 9-3 can do. And she has also met other Saab fans from Kiel through photos of her car that she posted on her FB page. Who knows who knows. I think she was infected by the Saab Spirit.
As you can see again how a Saab can positively influence a life.

That, dear Tom is a story of a Saab workshop where there is still a lot of passion for our brand. Where the boss personally goes with his technician to the customer.

Incidentally, I would like to mention that I will be supplied with original spare parts for my 9-5 NG by Saab Lafrentz over the post. No matter what you need, Markus Lafrentz takes care of everything. Hereby a big thank you to you.

I would be delighted if you could write something about it in your blog. "

... which we enjoyed doing very much. The blog team really likes positive Saab stories. These little stories are also an incentive and confirmation for the partners who live Saab every day. More letters from readers are welcome!


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    Unfortunately, the way to the “home port” is a bit long for normal work, which is also done well around the corner. But for something more special upgrades, the 600 km to Kiel is definitely worth it.

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    I can only confirm the report above, typical Lafrentz. This year I am a 25 customer and together with our cars we all got older (not old!).
    At Lafrentz, the next generation is at the helm and my daughter has been a fully-infected SAAB owner for almost two years. Also, or maybe just with the old SAABs, the team is there a lot of effort. Without such support, it would hardly be possible to continue operating these cars in everyday life.
    That's exactly what keeps SAAB alive, and that's certainly not common practice with other brands.

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    Since I can fully connect. Also my SAAB 95 SC is maintained and maintained by Lafrentz in Kiel! And this from Switzerland. And Markus is always available to answer any questions I have and I appreciate that very much.

    This is where the SAAB Spirit lives. Markus is also strongly committed that GM or whoever, the models 2012 again for programming releases. Thanks, Markus. Hope GM comes to the insight.

    It's a shame that Kiel is so far away ... Keep it up!

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    Sher beautiful story, we hope that the young woman will have a lot of fun and builds beautiful memories with her faithful companion.

    One idea: Would not it be nice to extend the blog with a workshop part, where you can talk about your experiences with different partners?
    For my part, I used to live in Mainz and moved to Dusseldorf and now I have to look for a workshop. Since such a section would save a lot of searches and rumfragen.

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    Congratulations and always good ride. This is how service works. Some other dealers should take an example.

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    The mail itself and its content illustrate, in my opinion, how crazy we Saab drivers are all.

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