Ruukki supports NEVS in developing the new Saab 9-3

As a rule, we are hardly interested in press texts from the steel industry. But there are exceptions. This one from Ruukki is about Saab.

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NEVS relies on steel components from Ruukki for the production of the new Saab 9-3: the Finnish company provides, among other things, ultra-high-strength, malleable steel of the Litec type for the new edition of the Saab model 9-3.

Saab 9-3 from NEVS.
Saab 9-3 from NEVS.

Litec is often used as a key component in vehicle bodies. The internationally very successful Saab model 9-3 is celebrating a comeback under the direction of the new owner NEVS, the Sino-Japanese consortium National Electric Vehicle Sweden: Since the beginning of December 2013 roll off newly manufactured units of the cult brand in Trollhättan, Sweden. Next year, NEVS plans to introduce its own electric car.

"We are proud that Ruukki is instrumental in reviving one of Sweden's best-known brands," commented Thomas Hörnfeldt, Senior Vice President, Ruukki Metals, responsible for Special Steels. "Ruukki is characterized by high quality products, flexibility and short delivery times. This allows us to respond quickly to the requirements of a young and dynamic start-up. "

Ruukki was selected by NEVS as the preferred project partner. The Finnish steelmaker is supplying a variety of steel grades for Saab 9-3 bodywork: in addition to malleable and high strength steels, Ruukki also supplies Litec ultra-high strength steel, available in dual-phase hot-dip galvanized (DP) or complex (CP) phases.

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"Litec is about four times stronger than conventionally malleable steel. The product is therefore ideal for use in vehicle construction. Ultra-high-strength steel absorbs external forces in the event of a collision and thus provides special protection for vehicle occupants, "explains Jonas Adolfsson, Automotive Product Manager at Ruukki. "Using Litec reduces the weight of vehicles as safety standards increase, while increasing fuel efficiency. Ruukki steels make an important contribution to the lightweight design of energy-efficient vehicles, "adds Adolfsson.

Smooth supplier processes are just as important to the automotive industry as convincing products. To meet these expectations, Ruukki specialists proactively approach customers to understand their requirements from the start. "Close cooperation with customers and partners is a central element of our philosophy," explains Thomas Hörnfeldt. "With our expertise in steel, we always want to help develop an end product with optimal properties."

Source: Ruukki

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  • I think that's good news because we're not talking about utopian materials (magnesium, etc.) and we're also not talking about the enormously expensive aluminum to be processed. Personally, I doubt NEVS EV / eCar strategy, but at least as far as the steel is concerned, I find that a realistic and good development.

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    Wasn't SAAB also at least somehow partially co-developer of an extremely stable but slim “honeycomb” steel construction (e.g. for A / B / etc. pillar)?
    Did it actually become something? Or did that disappear with Alt-SAAB?

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    Safety comes with you in your SAAB!
    The new advertising message can be something like this ... Good to learn more about the components. An enjoyable week begins….

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