Saab new cars for Spain?

Another little dose of speculation for the weekend! Yesterday I received an email from Spain in my mailbox. On the Iberian Peninsula there could be new Saab cars again from summer after more than three years of drought.

Are there any SAAB new cars from summer in Spain © 2014
Are there any SAAB new cars from summer in Spain © 2014

That at least wrote two days ago the “La Tribuna de Automocion”With reference to persons not named. Saab hopes to be able to return to the Spanish market with the 9-3 in the summer. All of this sounds a bit speculative, there are no official confirmations.

But there is a very clear trend in the media landscape. In the Netherlands, Norway and now in Spain, Saab is back on the agenda. All three countries were strong markets for the brand from southern Sweden until the end, and the return to these regions seems logical. Also the Spanish one Autobild jumped on this story, maybe there really is substance behind it.

15 cars a day - or a week?

It is also unclear how many vehicles are currently rolling off the production line in Trollhättan every day. “Motoradictos” writes of 15 vehicles per day (15 unidades diarias), but refers to “La Tribuna de Automocion“That writes of 15 vehicles per week (15 coches a la semana). The

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  • Hello Tom, I feel like Herbert, I would have liked to know more about the subject, especially since I still have the Götz test bottle in the cupboard and have always waited for the start signal. One comment (from Götz?) Was something like “Empty the tank and fill it with 250ml the first time”. How did you start with your 9000?

    Would be a pity if the level smears here !!

    Greetings from the coast and a nice weekend

    • I probably didn't start right ... Mark writes: “When you use the tank for the very first time, run the tank almost empty. Then a full 250ml bottle of TRIBORON on it. And now fill up as normal. Now, before the next refueling, simply fill in 50 ml with the practical dosing set and then refuel normally. " Maybe Götz from Triboron will explain this to us with a short comment on the blog.

      • Hello dear ones,
        Triboron propellant booster cleans the engine and the fuel system and actively participates in the combustion process. The official dosage for each tank is according to label 1: 1000 (eg I want to tank up 50 liters, I fill in before 50ml Triboron). Now every car is different, wear, pollution, fuel type, construction and possibly tangible problems / defects, soiled sensors, etc. and the personal driving profile. On average, the experience says it takes so 2-3 tank fills until the full effect of the Triboron propellant amplifier adjusts to used vehicles. The verbal recommendation to use twice the amount of Triboron in the first tank filling has the background to shorten the cleaning phase and the user immediately feels the benefits. In the case of Mark that would have been correct in his car then 136ml Triboron.
        Since Mark has more Triboron products to test, for the sake of simplicity, just take a small bottle the first time (it's the 300ml bottle, by the way!) And then use the 1 liter bottles with 1: 1000. The recommendation was also designed specifically for Mark (fuel diesel, Hirschtuning, dynamic driving style) and he should immediately notice something. He also wrote that my Saab does not sound like diesel anymore. That has not distorted the test but certainly not the long-term test. The rest is still running and the comprehensible data were not published at all, Mark has just presented his test so only.
        Basic rule: if you just want to try Triboron, follow the instructions for use and the ml scale on the bottle!

        Wishes a nice sunday

  • OT: It's a shame that the Triboron discussion was stalled at a point where there was only enthusiastic experience reports and completely inexperienced skepticism ...

    The readers here are mature and can arrange this themselves.

    I would have been interested in how many positive reports are accumulating, whether there is even a critical comment from someone who actually invokes his experience for his criticism, or whether it is in this division into enthusiastic users with good experience on the one hand and in blanket rejection proclaiming skeptic on the other hand remains.

    So the uncertainty remains in the room and I do not know if I should try or leave Triboron.

    • Unfortunately, there were comments from readers who as yet have not written anything about Saab, who have no experience with Triboron, and who have acted quite personally against one of the commentators. The comments were for moderation and were not released. For that reason, the topic was ended.
      Further testimonials from Mark, who drives the long-term test, will follow. But even there I will also finish any further discussion on this subject, which is conducted inappropriately. Because I have neither the time nor the desire in the future to have to lead a moderated blog and to let me push comments below the belt. We have been able to do without such things for 3 years and I hope that it continues to work.

      • Hello Tom. Is it not possible to block blueperformance for a blog entry in general? It is not the first time that such ambiguous remarks have come from him. We Saab drivers are our own community - strange - tolerant - also open to discussing other brands - but not offensive.

        Personally, I will order Triboron from Germany and test it in my 9-5 II TTiD. Because I am convinced.

        Lovely wishes

        • Blueperformance announced today by email that he will not participate in future discussions on the blog. This is the topic of the table.

      • Very good! Thank you.

      • Understand. It is strange that so many suddenly feel called to make their first comments on the subject of Triboron ...

        I look forward to your review.

  • I would not believe the media mentioned too much. Here in Spain there are many “stories” with little background. What I can report, and from a fairly reliable source, is that at this point in time it is not yet possible to give a date when the new vehicle deliveries will begin. It is true that the first markets that would be preferred in Europe are Spain, Italy, England and Holland. All with a very strong Saab presence, as I have already reported in relation to Spain. I'm sorry for the German fans, but it really looks like they'll have to wait a little longer ...

    Allen Saab friends a relaxing weekend!

    • These media also say that you can expect an official info in a month, so it is interesting to hear what the rumor mill says, but I prefer to wait for the official statement.

      And you're right, unfortunately Germany is not attractive enough as a market. From one side it is a big market, from the other side is quite a lot of money costs in Germany to gain a foothold again.

  • Let's wait and see! But that sounds good! 😉

  • So we can soon choose from where we import the new cars.

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