SAAB 9-3 Aero 2014 test drive

We waited a long time! Almost three years ago we were able to read an article about the test drive with a new Saab somewhere.

SAAB 9-3 Aero 2014 © 2014
SAAB 9-3 Aero 2014 © 2014

The Swedish car magazine Vi biliar has already tested the new Saab 9-3 Aero. Excerpts from what is presumably the first test are now available on the Internet. I think we like the opening sentence: "Saab 9-3 är fortfarande en bra bil ..."" The Saab 9-3 is still a good car ... "

The journalist Calle Carlquist, on the road in the first product manufactured under NEVS's direction, thinks that the 9-3 - which was launched in its basic features in 2002 - drives like a modern car.

He was on his way to Lidköping with the automatic version. He thinks the sporty and comfortable set-up of the 9-3 is a success. The big novelty, apart from the modifications to the chassis, are the seats in the interior. Not only do they look good, they now also offer women better protection against whiplash injuries in the event of an accident.

The first impressions are absolutely positive. What is missing are the latest assistance systems, such as an autonomous braking function. But the car does not feel that it's ready for retirement. If you order a new Saab in Sweden today, you can expect a delivery at the end of April.

Readers of Vi Bilägare can read more about the first Saab test in a long time in the print version from March 11th. So far, so positive, you could say. The NEVS team did a good job. The discussion that develops in Sweden around the 9-3 is interesting. Again and again you hear that the price is perceived as too high, and this is exactly how some commentators on Vi Bilägare see it. Hmm Is around € 30.000 too much money for a well-equipped aero? After all, the base is 12 years old, and that seems to be written into the minds of potential buyers.

So the price could become an issue that will decide on the success. The announced update should be subtle and the 9-3 not really be recognizable as a new car. Evolution instead of revolution, the revision is based on the 9-3 Griffin. If the modifications in the interior also remain restrained, and it looks like that, then it could be difficult for all inner values.

Although I am also of the opinion that the 9-3 still feels and drives excellent, and that the availability of optionally available modern multimedia systems plays a role in the new edition, it is probably the price-performance ratio and a low leasing rate that are what will be crucial. If these parameters are not correct, the 9-3 remains only a case for real Saab fans.



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  • “The big novelty, apart from the modifications to the chassis, are the seats in the interior. Not only do they look good, they now also offer women better protection against whiplash injuries in the event of an accident. "

    Why should there be a difference between men and women here?
    If so, what does it look like and how is the improved protection realized?


    • blank

      Small and light people have so far been less well protected than average-sized passengers. That's how it was explained to me. The difference is less related to gender than to height and weight. The writers in Sweden put it in their own way (women ... better protection).

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    Hi all,

    which engine is meant to consume too much? I suppose the gasoline, because on my 1.9TTiD I did not think that my Saab is drinking too much. On the contrary, over the whole 3 years and 142000km that I was allowed to own, he used 6.87l / 100km in the end. OK, I give the most part on the highway, but at least at speed 140-180 km / h. Can I prove everything by means of a simple Excel spreadsheet, which I created at that time

    Best regards, Cetak

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    I can't do anything with describing the chassis as "sporty and comfortable". Is it electronically adjustable and you can choose between both antipodes (!!)? If not, it is either-or but never “both”….

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      NEVS says sporty, Vi Bilägare "sporty - comfortable", the Swedish AMS says "practical - comfortable" for Swedish roads. It's your choice. Now someone from the community has to test drive in Trollhättan. 😉

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    Did I miss something? There's nothing written about the engine - is there?

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      The colleagues of Auto Motor Sport write about the engine. Strong, torque at low speeds, but not very economical.

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        The engine is not yet the mysterious in the cars after the facelift is stuck. Or am I wrong?

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          You are right. It is the well-known DI turbo from the 9-3 Griffin.

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    These arguments with the price are not completely understandable for me. The competition in Sweden requires between 5000 € and 8000 € more, with less equipment without a second set of tires and without the service package.
    It would of course be interesting to know how much discount is given in Sweden. When comparing the list prices Saab is certainly favorable.

    The lack of assistance systems should be fixed during the update. I think this should be possible without difficulty.

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      New wiring harness, new computer, looking for space for sensors….
      It is not that easy. It would even be easier to install a HUD.

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        Can't imagine that NEVS will do that, but that also depends on the planned duration. If NEVS interprets the 9-3 for China as a “new release” with a term of 5 or 6 years, then profound modifications make sense. It will remain exciting 😉

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        It's clear, but the investments are comparatively low. The hardware is off the peg, the adjustment is likely to create any supplier within a manageable period.

        The 9-3 should be at least still up to date for three years, so it's definitely worth it.

        The expense and the cost of changes of pressing tools or a new drive train, however, are another house number.

        For all the bells and whistles it needs no new platform in any case.

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    As nice as the 9-3 is, the update should already be perceptible as a new model. Otherwise it looks bad for the European market. You can not fix everything about the price.

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    The 9-3 is purely optically still a current car.
    I drive a 2008 9-3 myself and when the car is in a parking lot between various other vehicles from other brands, it still looks modern today - maybe even more modern and chic than some of the other current designs of the competition!
    The optics, the technology and, as we can now hear the driving behavior, do not have to hide under any circumstances - on the contrary!

    The only problem could be this topic, which the press emphasized in a very negative way, that the "basic development" of this vehicle dates from 2002.
    The fact that this basic development has been perfected over the years, that childhood illnesses have been eliminated and that this car is so rock solid, will be hard to come by.
    Let's hope that these values ​​are appreciated by the customers and the car will sell well!

    This is where the marketing department comes into play, which has to be really good - much better than in the GM days! (Was there a marketing department at SAAB at all? - You hardly noticed ...)

    At least I'll keep your fingers crossed!

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      Well, I always found the design of the 9-3 too "normal". However, the older it gets, the more beautiful I find it, especially in comparison to what the premium competition is now asking us to do.
      Much more problematic for me is the size too small rear footwell and of course that he has no tailgate.

      Not only in marketing is GM's inability to note, with Opel also gets away badly, GM does not even appear with Opel even at the IAA, this is otherwise allowed no large manufacturer.

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    The discussion about the price I feel as a joke. You get a good car for good 10.000 € less than comparable offers !!!

    The only downside, you can not text at the wheel or write Whatsup because the car does not brake alone before someone overfires.

    Ironically, the 9-3 is a rock solid car that does not have and will not get any modern electronic assistance systems, but everyone should know how much you want to leave driving to the car.

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