SAAB first class service in Bamberg

It is said Saab 9-5 NG drivers are ordering their wiper blades in Sweden. This may have something romantic Scandinavian. It's easier at the Saab Partner!

Saab 9 5 NG Aero
Saab 9 5 NG Aero

The 9-5 NG has, in a long Saab tradition, a curved windshield that is supposed to imitate the style of an aircraft cockpit. The designers bow to the style icon, the Saab 900. The only way to get a clear view is through the original wiper blades, which adapt to the shape of the windshield. Alternatives, such as the Opel Insignia, are only an unsuitable compromise. A Saab is just not an Opel!

Due to the low distribution of the new Saab generation also the hardware store or the workshop chain with the three letters turns out to be the source. The wiper blades are made exclusively for Saab in Japan and distributed only through the Orio AB in Nyköping.

Original: Saab wiper blades and rubber mats for the 9-5.
Original: Saab wiper blades and rubber mats for the 9-5.

For more than 2 years I have had a “first class Saab service” agreement with the Bamberg Saab center. I order what I need by phone; after two days at the latest, the packages are at my doorstep at dawn - coming by express from Nyköping. The interaction between the Orio AB, Saab partners and customers works smoothly. The freight costs are low. And because we already need a set of wiper blades, there is also a set of rubber foot mats for the 9-5.

Just in case it will be winter again in the Rhine-Main area at some point! The mats are available for little money and they are original parts with Saab lettering. The supply of spare parts and accessories works very well, also thanks to committed partners such as Ralf Muckelbauer's Bamberg Saab team. So I could be satisfied. I am too, almost ...

There is a GM logo on the underside of the Saab floor mats. That is not possible, but it is only the bottom. You don't see them ...


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  • While this is not what you asked for, it could still help:
    If you think the 9-3 II, you can buy for about 6 € the rubber lips for Bosch Aerotwin (which should be installed with you) and move yourself. What to pay attention to: The length is different.

  • Very nice ... always have a good trip and I'm looking forward to seeing him live! 😉

  • Zwickau definitely fits, it was only a shame that they had switched to a Frenchman at the first problems at saab. But is definitely better than the dealer near me! 😉
    Tell them the date for the exit! Flyer is coming! 😉

  • Yes, of course it was. The 9-5 was somehow always present as a wish. It has 65.000 down and is therefore in the area where I would have ordered a new car in the good old Saab times. But the 9-5 NG drives like a new car and I'm absolutely satisfied with it 🙂 ...

  • Ha, very good. Since your article about Turbo-X, in which you wrote that you always get big eyes when you encounter a 9-5NG, I expected it

  • So much for the subject that you have to drive him back?
    Have fun with the vehicle!

  • Thought the make nothing with saab. But good to know. Ever wanted to see how it looks there. Thanks for the tip.

  • Just go to Zwickau! They are very dedicated and very competent. Highly Recommended! In particular, the service manager there is fully in the thing and drives itself several Saab.
    So: zimpel & franke in Zwickau.

  • I bought a pair of «SWF 119 308» (580 mm / 23 ”) from ATU for 42 EUR; They work well with the 2010 convertible - but had to be ordered

  • Funny homepage in Bamberg ...
    You can even order the 9-5, and the convertible and, and, and, and ...

    Would be nice….

  • The last remnants. Is there any alternatives for the 9-3 wiper?
    As you know, I do not exactly have a reliable Saab service partner nearby.

  • ... scrape off! ;-))

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