SAAB 9-3 test drive in Teknikens Värld

As the third Swedish car magazine, Teknikens Värld tested the “new” 9-3 Aero sedan. The result is not surprising, but there are two small new details.

Teknikens Vaerld is testing the new Saab 9-3
Teknikens Vaerld is testing the new Saab 9-3

There are the new seats that are "angular" than what Saab has delivered so far. But, writes Teknikens Värld, after the first impression, the long-distance comfort with the new furniture is still as good as in the previous versions. The seats no longer come from the long-standing supplier Lear, the plant in Trollhättan no longer exists. The new seats are manufactured for Saab in Sweden by the Havd Group and are essentially also used in the Volvo XC90.

Volvo seat in the Saab? Not really, just the basics are the same, and even if they were, it shouldn't be a problem. In Trollhättan they know what to expect when it comes to seating quality. A local supplier makes the car even more Swedish, and my first impression in December 2013 was very positive too, and the seats should live up to the brand's claim.

Another small change concerns the daytime running lights, which have been mandatory for new cars in all EU countries since 2011. The 9-3 comes onto the market as a new release from a new manufacturer. As strange as it sounds, NEVS is not Saab Automobile AB, so the new guidelines apply. Contrary to some expectations, the daytime running lights are not integrated in the headlights, where the LED lights for the signature light are located. This solution would certainly have been more elegant, but the LED spotlights have moved into the fog lights. Let's see if there is a solution that will last with the upcoming “update”.

The new infotainment? Or just a Photoshop exercise?
The new infotainment? Or just a Photoshop exercise?

The test vehicle was not yet equipped with the new infotainment system, writes Teknikens Värld. Customers can have a simple system with Bluetooth retrofitted at the Swedish Saab dealer. It is an open secret that the GM era devices are being exchanged with other manufacturers. What is being used is not yet officially confirmed, and the picture on the Chinese Saab page is a Photoshop exercise. So we have to continue to be patient.

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The Saab feels noticeably older than the competition, but still really good. He is comfortable to drive, offers good comfort. The 2 liter Turbo, there is currently only one gasoline engine with 220 PS, does well. A largely positive coverage of Teknikens Värld, as before with colleagues from Auto Motor Sport Sweden and Vi Bilägare. Not a bad start for NEVS.

Pictures of the new 9-3 in front of the main portal of the Saab factory can be found at Teknikens Värld.



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  • Yes, I almost agree with that. They are not really pretty. If there are other colors - ok. The new headrests are optically too high. But hey! Certainly good for security.

  • Maybe your exhaust just has a hole!?! 🙂

    Hellau from Thuringia !!!

  • ……exactly. Mine looks exactly like the test vehicle, only the 2008 version. People are always looking, turn around when you drive past ...

  • No, the WHIP system has no active headrests. At Volvo, the entire backrest moves.

  • Nice pictures, but unfortunately only pictures !! The cars finally have to go to the dealers ... I'm sure that these “old” 9-3s are still easy to get to the man / woman. Saab design is timeless, never old-fashioned, when I see my 9-5 station wagon Mj.02 in a direct visual comparison with other station wagons (inevitably goes to supermarket parking lots), I always think to myself what a chic, cool car in contrast to Station wagons from BMW, Audi, Skoda and Co.,

  • I find the new seats pretty ugly.
    But as long as the comfort is right.

    Would be nice if the leather quality is back to the level of 900 or 9-3 I.

  • The thing with the daytime running lights I find no happy solution. I believe that their place was actually predestined over the headlights, where the position lights are!

  • In the pre-production old headlights were installed, now the Griffin headlights in the series.

  • I'm surprised that in the presentation and on the official pictures, the Griffin headlamps are mounted in ice block design, but otherwise only from the model year 2008. Of course it's just a small thing, but are there any reasons for that?

  • Reviews of new Saab vehicles - great !! We had to wait a long time for that.

  • Interesting, thanks for the report !! SAAB greetings Wolef

  • Does the new one have the active headrests now?

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