The troll is calling! 37. Troll rally in Saxony.

Today back to some quieter topics. On the 21. and 22. June is the traditional troll rally of the Saab friends Erftkreis already to the 37. Time instead. This time the trolls are touring the Dresden Elbe Valley.

SAAB 9-5 SC NG and 9-4x. Dresden Neumarkt. © 2014
SAAB 9-5 SC NG and 9-4x. Dresden Neumarkt. © 2014

Last year the Troll Rally took place in Upper Franconia, exactly on the weekend when the Saab Festival started in Trollhättan. So I decided then, with a bad conscience, for Sweden and against Upper Franconia. This year, the decision making is easier and it is, again, in the direction of Dresden.

The Troll Rally takes place this year as a touristic tour without time evaluation and leads along the Elbe valley around Dresden. The length of the route is around 100 kilometers; The Troll Rally planners have chosen a hotel outside Dresden on the Saxon Weinstrasse as the starting and finishing point. As in the previous year, the Saab Freunde Erftkreis event is supported by the Saab center Bamberg.

That all sounds promising. The Elbe Valley is beautiful, and a lot of Saab talks are guaranteed this weekend.

The registration deadline is the 7. March 2014, on the homepage of the Saab friends is available invitation and program for download. Far more than 20 vehicles of the small brand from Trollhättan are still today reported, The Troll Rally promises to be a great Saab event!

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    There are currently 29 beautiful, chic SAABS

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    It will be a real SAAB country, this Saxony! On May 25.5.2014th, XNUMX everything is going to be hot around Chemnitz and I hope there are also Saab friends from the Erfkreis! 🙂

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