315 employees in production

Today, IF Metal 315 has announced employees in the production area of ​​the Saab factory. The TTELA, local newspaper Trollhättans, published an article that Detlef translated for us.

TTELA - local newspaper Trollhattans @ saabblog.net
TTELA - local newspaper Trollhattans @ saabblog.net

- Article TTELA -

The number of employees in the production at Nevs corresponds to the production volume.

NEVS currently employs 315 people in production. This means that the workforce at Nevs in Trollhättan is in the right proportion to the level of production. “NEVS is currently not looking for any more production workers,” says Håkan Skott, the responsible contact person at the “IF Metall Nord Älvsborgs” union.

The last group of new employees in the car factory will begin their work on Monday. The employment contracts were signed at the end of last year or early 2014. No further employees are currently being sought, the desired level has been reached, we are now only expecting individual recruiting of people with special training or replacement positions. It is not known when there will be new hires on a large scale. In the past six months, the employment relationships at NEVS have risen steadily. In mid-January, Hakan Skott predicted that the number of employees in production would increase from the then 258 to around 320 by the end of February. This forecast almost came true.

Still no company union.

In contrast to the successful recruiting, it has not yet been possible to form a company union in the company, although NEVS is the second largest employer in IF Metall Nord Älvsborgsbron. There are only three union representatives in the company so it is likely that one of these representatives at NEVS will participate in local wage negotiations this year; either Hakan Skott or one of the ombudsmen. “This is not an ideal solution, especially since there is no wage system in the company,” says Håkan Skott. “Without a wage system, wage negotiations have to be conducted individually for each of our members. That makes it a bit complicated, we did it that way last year, but the difference is that the number of employees is now significantly higher. "

Source: TTELA