SAAB 9-5 NG hatchback

Last Monday we went over the never-in-series hatchback version of the new Saab 9-5 generation. Unfortunately the pictures were poor and a rear view was not available.

SAAB 9-5 hatchback prototype in April 2010 on the A2 © 2014 saab friends erftkreis
SAAB 9-5 hatchback prototype in April 2010 on the A2 © 2014 saab friends erftkreis

In the meantime, more imagery has come into my inbox and there are some new views and insights. In the last article we suspected that there had been no more activity with the 9-5 hatchback in the short Spyker time, which is not the case. In April 2010, prototype number 2, well camouflaged in the Saab convoy, was on the A2 in Germany. At the time, the photographer wasn't sure what a 9-5 prototype was driving in front of his Saab, but he pressed the shutter release button on the camera. He only knew what he had photographed when our article about the hatchback appeared.

SAAB 9-5 hatchback prototype with accompanying vehicle in April 2010 on the A2 © 2014 saab friends circle
SAAB 9-5 hatchback prototype with accompanying vehicle in April 2010 on the A2 © 2014 saab friends circle

The rear is well camouflaged, and at first glance you might suspect a BMW 5 Series GT under the camouflage. But we know better. The tall essay is a skilfully misled act; in the series, the big Saab would have been much more elegant. How much, you can guess when you look at the slim rear of prototype number one on the car transporter.

If you ask the “Transport Stryelesen” for the registrations of the two pre-series vehicles, the hatchbacks 9-5 no longer exist. They have probably been released for scrapping for a long time, and maybe they are still in some scrap yard in Sweden.

SAAB 9-5 hatchback prototype number one on the Transporter © 2014
SAAB 9-5 hatchback prototype number one on the Transporter © 2014

We would have liked to see the 9-5 hatchback in the showrooms of our dealers. Was there a chance?

The question of whether Saab - if the story had gone better in Trollhättan - would have brought the hatchback to series production has now also been clarified. Unfortunately, there was no chance of mass production of the hatchback. In the 2011 business plan of Saab Automobile AB, the model planning up to 2020 is documented. Another variant of the large Saab was not planned. The Swedes did not have the freedom to introduce an additional version due to the treaties with Detroit.

The GM-licensed 9-5 generation would have remained in contractually limited quantities up to 2016 / 17 in production. With the expiry of the 2016 limousine and the 2017 station wagon, the successors on the Phoenix platform would have been launched at the same time. As a sedan and as a station wagon, with engines from Saab partner BMW under the hood.

Only then, with the successor, was a third body variant on schedule. A four-door 9-5 coupe. Whether with a large tailgate, that's not confirmed.


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18 thoughts on "SAAB 9-5 NG hatchback"

  • It really looks more like a station wagon, only the rear pane looks too steep, but ...

    I don't believe, however, that the hatchbacks never exist ... The license plates don't say anything, because the 95SC prototypes now have different license plates than before, even those that are now on the road in SE, that's a fact (based on a certain 95SC provable by me)

  • There are several competitors. Not really in the upper middle class. Although the A5 is as expensive as a 9-5, it definitely has no more space than the 9-3. Rather less, because the trunk is so low. So different class. And the Panamera is one over it. The GT, too. That would have been the only competitor of the Superb.

  • Since you catch my weak point. The GT I think is really scary. But if he looked like that, you can not see under the cover, I think.

    Incidentally, I do not want to drive without cover, after all, not everyone should see the dirt in the trunk (for example, riders). Rollo has the same problem. With the previously driven 9-3 I, the cover simply topped up and is good. I continue to mourn this, even though it is now quite flat (334000), and the 9-5 already offers more interior space.

  • Some things were indeed new to me, yes, eg the flatness, or the little wiper. Despite intense search, I could find in the whole market no 9-5 I hatchback, and had to bite into the bullet. Even more sour, with roof railing (am I a trucker or what?) And graveyard paint. But I need just now and on the flexible space.

  • If you don't want to keep the cover open permanently, you can just take it out. If you like a cover but not one to fold, you can buy the roll version ...

    And yet a few of the criticisms are of course true: the floor is level and there is no loading sill, but it is high and the cover is set low. In between the space is tight. I'm always surprised when I see the huge trunk of other, shorter station wagons ...

    And yet I like my SC and would not want to swap it for a hatchback. The prototype is a chunky atrocity and looks like a polished 5 BMW GT.

  • Me too !

  • @ thylmuc - you only noticed all of this when you had already bought the car?

    The 9-5 is a sportscombi

  • An 9 hatchback would have been better, I think.

  • If you look at the top picture, the rear window is much flatter than the frame glued around it. That speaks already for a hatchback.
    So he goes to the Unique Selling Point of Saab, together with such unsuccessful scrap boxes as the Panamera or the A5.

    I've been driving an 9-5 I estate car for a year now, and I just can not handle the trunk layout. Always the stroke and stroke of the cover, the rear window is too small and the windscreen wiper is still too small, the thing dirty without end, and it just remains an ugly rump. In addition, the trunk is too shallow, so that not two Curver boxes go over each other. Very bad.

    Well, the 9-5 II would have been too long and too wide anyway. Let's hope. that the new Phoenix may pull 2000 kg.

  • Should you decide to manufacture a large SAAB hatchback variant, please also seek suggestions from Einar Hareide - all lines from his pen are more homogeneous than those of the 9-5 II variants (much too bulky - including the models shown here with a camouflage suit) .

  • When I look at the pictures from 2010, the prototype wasn't that far away from me. I should have been more careful ...

  • I thought so too. The camouflage falsifies very well. But: Kombi = rear window steeper. The approval eliminates the last doubt. It is a prototype 2 that we were able to photograph 2012 in the spring with low camouflage.

  • I also fear that our wishes will play a trick on us. Today's pictures show probably a camouflaged camo. Even with the pictures from the previous report, I do not really believe in a hatchback. In addition, the start of the development time was still in GM responsibility, and what the Americans of hatchback hatchbacks hold is well known.

  • Maybe it's because of the dazzle paint job, but I don't see a big loss. This hatchback variant by no means comes close to the elegance of the 9-5 sedan ...

  • I see it that way too ... so little works too much station wagon .. hmm

  • Interesting! Yesterday you sent another mail with the topic

  • Looks more like a station wagon prototype to me ...

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