SAAB Blogger on the go

The team is on the way! Mark with the plane, Yves with the train, and I can drive the Saab 🙂

Saab Blogger on the way © 2014
Saab Blogger on the way © 2014

Mark and Yves visit the International Motor Show in Geneva, as it is slowly becoming a blog tradition. They capture the latest trends and impressions from the automotive world for us. Too bad that it is again a motor show without Saab. Maybe we will see our Swedish brand then 2015 in Switzerland?

Unfortunately, I'm missing Geneva this year, but I'm allowed to write the article on the material supplied by Mark and Yves. That means Mark and the question arises, how fair that is

My absence has a reason and of course, as always, when I take the liberty of dealing with our hobby Saab. What I'm dealing with for the next few days is something that interested readers find out when I sit back at my desk.

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3 thoughts on "SAAB Blogger on the go"

  • So. I “landed” safely at home again. Yves should be home by now. It was a great day!! Report and photos to follow ...

  • Hello Tom and all the other Saabists,
    I have not been there for so long (first Saab 2006, 9 5 aero deer perf.), today very proud owner of 3 deer (9 3 2.8 t., 9 3 2.0 t. convertible and 9 5 NG 2.8 t. XWD) as well an 96 V4 1969 undergoing a complete restoration. I used to be a Lancia enthusiast and collector (because of technology and turbo) but there is nothing clever there today.
    I would like to thank for the first time for the exciting blogs and for your idealism, on the posts and information I always wait like the midwife to the child.
    I'm a bit lazy to write, but I think that I can sometimes contribute something and will therefore add my mustard to it from case to case in the future.
    Greetings from Switzerland, Nico

  • I have no doubt who drives better ... ;-) Everyone, have a good trip (always)!

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