Team at the Geneva Motor Show 2014

As in the previous year, we were in Geneva again in 2014. Just see what the industry is up to, regardless of our Saab passion.

Saab team at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. © 2014
Saab team at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. © 2014

Because the small cult brand from Trollhättan also shone at the current motor show with its absence. But we assume that the time of Saab abstinence is coming to an end. NEVS starts at the Beijing Motor Show, which starts on April 20; European trade fairs will follow.

So we use the probably last car salon without Saab participation for “cheating”. Of course, we visited the Swedish brands, were at Volvo and Koenigsegg. And also stopped by at Qoros, where former Saab and Volvo engineers incorporated their knowledge. Otherwise, however, the following was true for Yves and Mark: what is allowed is what is interesting and what is new.

We will tell you the impressions of our tour of the fair in Geneva from tomorrow on the blog.