VOX auto mobil is about Saab

Mark and Yves were out at the Geneva Motor Show this year without me. Actually, a joint visit to the fair had been planned for weeks, and dates around the visit were also fixed. But another Saab story took place at the same time, so we were traveling separately.

Vox automobile turns in Kiel © 2014 saabblog.net
Vox automobile turns in Kiel © 2014 saabblog.net

A team of auto mobil - the Vox car magazine turned in Kiel to the topic Saab. It's been unbelievable two years since there was on the transmitter a contribution about the Saab Spirit, which was produced in Halstenbeck. At that time it was about the possibly final demise of our favorite brand. How did we survive the two years?

Now, 24 months later, the situation for the brand is pleasing, it is about the comeback of the traditional brand from Trollhättan. A topic for which one likes to take time!

The biggest part of the shoot was found Saab Service Kiel instead, there were many outdoor and driving shots. For me it was once again a day full of new, exciting experiences, without wanting to talk about details and allowed. What will make it from this complete day of shooting in the few minutes of the final version is for me as a layman the exciting question.

No radar control. Vox team ready for outdoor shot. @ 2014 saabblog.net
No radar control. Vox team ready for outdoor shot. @ 2014 saabblog.net

Also on the show are Markus Lafrentz from the Saab base in Kiel, who speaks as a Saab partner about his view of things, and the blogger. NEVS did not let us down during production and delivered material. But we are not Saab and we cannot speak on behalf of the brand. For this reason, Mikael Östlund from Sweden, the representative of the NEVS brand, was connected live. Which is already a signal and, in a certain way, a positive perspective for the future.

The day in Kiel was exciting and exhausting, but we all had a lot of fun. The team behind the camera is at least as positively car-crazy as we are. What Mikael Östlund could tell about the Saab future and the details of the contribution, it will all remain under lock and key until the broadcast. The date of broadcast has not yet been set, today Vox is starting to cut the raw material.

It remains exciting, but as soon as we find out when it will be broadcast, our visitors will read it on the blog!

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  • Strong story! 2014 will be a SAAB year!

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    Another reason to look forward to the blog! I'm really excited about the VOX contribution! And the fact that NEVS was there is still hopeful….
    Sunny prospects to all readers!

  • blank

    Great that NEVS came on board. Strongly speaks for the seriousness and interest in SAAB drivers. That makes us hope for the future!

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    Very nice, that again about Saab is reported!

    Has Lafrentz (due to his commitment in recent years) now “replaced” Halstenbeck as the “first point of contact” in D?

    • You ask questions ... Of course we still have committed dealers, especially in the Hamburg area. But the 9-5 NG SC and 9-4x are only available in Kiel.

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        Yes, sorry, the question was rather "stupid"... (too little espresso today) ;-(

      • blank

        ... and she sold the 9-7x to us. Since this, like the other 9-7x, was imported on the initiative of a dealer, it shows that Kiel has always tried to provide customers with the latest models without Saab support.

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