Qoro's 3 hatchback

The Geneva Motor Show is the time of the year when we put on our Saab jackets but take off the Saab glasses to be open to the rest of the automotive world. From the Qoros 3 one says in Sweden, he has Saab genes under the Chinese plate. We'll see if that's the case.

Qoros hatchback @ 2014 saabblog.net
Qoros hatchback @ 2014 saabblog.net

Around 30 former Saab and Volvo managers work for the label from China. The Qoros 3 was, thanks to a lot of knowledge from Sweden, the safest car of the year 2013 in the Euro NCAP crash test. A good start for the newcomer.

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This year there was another Qoros derivative, derived from the sedan. The hatchback - and the fact that there is a hatchback alone - makes us curious about the booth. The rush of journalists was not quite as huge as in the previous year, which may be due to the fact that the new creation is pleasing, but also a bit boring. The hatchback is a vehicle with a tailgate, as felt by 3 million others. Not flashy, but nice and a little arbitrary. Just mainstream. Future Qoros drivers don't have to worry about attracting attention, they move invisibly in the crowd of Hyundais, Kias, Nissans and Mazdas. And that's probably what you want.

A look into the interior shows that Qoros has made good use of the past few months. What us 2013 still in need of improvement This is now routinely processed and meets the expectations of the brand.

In China, Qoros is building successfully and with a focus on quality at its dealer network, and in Bratislava there is the first European distribution partner. Slovakia is a pilot market, and with the expansion in Europe they want to take their time. Sweden, where one is madly proud of the native genes in the Qoros, should first 2016 on the plan. However, there is no auto journalist there, and bets are that in autumn the first Qoros will be on the national shows.

More interesting and innovative than the hatchback on the day of the fair seemed to be another Qoros new release. At least in the Chinese power press, the Qoros bike was celebrated, and I'm sure more pictures were taken of the electric bike than the car. All this reminds a bit of Saab, also there was once an exciting styled bike to buy. And with Eric Geers, the former Saab press chief, you could see a familiar face on the stand.

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Because Qoros is really proud of their safety genes, a cutaway model of a Qoros 3 was on display at the booth. It's not revolutionary, Saab already had something similar at the fair a few decades ago. By the way, the bicycle is not a Qoros development. But there are very deep relationships with the Croatian manufacturer Greyp Bikes. Adriano Mudri, the designer of the Qoros eBIQE project, is at the same time Qoros Exterior Designer and Head of Design at Grepy.

Neither of us has driven a Qoros yet. Only when we know what it feels like can you say whether a good product has been created in European-Chinese cooperation.

Quoros Check:

Enter: because you are looking for a very safe, well-equipped car at an affordable price for the family.

Get out: because the Qoros eBIQE project is the funnier, more exciting, and sportier alternative to the slightly bland hatchback.

Text: tom@saabblog.net

Images: mark & ​​yves for saabblog.net

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    The Saab bike was only labeled - as you could see at the Saab Festival 2013; 3 pieces were for sale.

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    On the TESLA homepage (just take a closer look) there is also advertising in cooperation with customers. You can admire what I consider to be a pretty successful white hatchback model with a large hatch and plenty of storage space - memories of my 9000 CS come back to life.

    These vehicles naturally play in a different league than the SAAB electric vehicles initially planned - but the TESLA builders have it!

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    It's nice that information is provided about the trade fair in Geneva - hopefully there will be no detailed reports on the German uniformity.

    We are also likely to be interested in electromobility - does TESLA have an exhibition stand, for example? In the meantime they have experience there and NEVS even sees this manufacturer as a future competitor in the luxury segment.

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      There are enough other media for the “uniformity”, we hardly have any ambitions. Tesla is a topic that we only had marginally in Geneva, but which will soon be on the blog on a larger scale.

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      Qoros is doing a damn good job and may cause headaches for some Koreans and other volume sellers. Nice, I found that in comparison a little more understated more factual design. The interior somehow reminded me of a Saab from the 70 years in materials and execution.
      The Qoros seems somehow more objective and avoids this helpless gimmick of the most established brands.
      However, he plays in a league that is hardly relevant for former Saab customers.

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      Right. The search for SAAB genes and virtues in the vastness of the automotive world and the supposed finds clearly bear traits of deep despair ...

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        The view of the Swedes on Qoros is in principle strange. Just because a few SAAB and VOLVO people are involved will not make it a SAAB or VOLVO (replacement). Nevertheless, the press cheers about a Chinese car. That should understand somebody

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          Looks familiar to me! As soon as a German designer works at Kia or Hyundai, they are immediately wonderful cars! Or am I crazy again? Who knows…

          • blank

            You can argue about taste, but the previous Hyundais and Kias were never designed for the European or even German market. See Sonata, Tucson, Elantra. The i40 and ix35 are more in line with mainstream tastes in europe, the Sonata looks almost the same, but only offers petrol and is only available in the rest of the world. So yes, no sooner does a German designer draw the cars than they become more beautiful - for most of them.

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