SAAB 9-3 Title image in the Vi Bilägare 04 / 2014

A note after work! How long has it been since we saw a Saab on the cover of a car newspaper? The Swedish magazine Vi Bilägare is making the start, after what feels like 100 years - yes, that's a bit exaggerated.

Vi Bilaegare Issue 04 / 2014
Vi Bilaegare Issue 04 / 2014

The first impressions were there to read in advance with us,  but unfortunately we can do that April issue do not buy in Germany with the full test. More reports will follow, and eventually a Saab may also come on the cover of a German-language magazine.

The media interest is also present here in the country. Last week, Vox made a start with our shoot in Kiel. Times are getting better for the small car brand from southern Sweden!


2 thoughts on "SAAB 9-3 Title image in the Vi Bilägare 04 / 2014"

  • The article printed in Sweden also says yes:
    -SAAB is back!
    -SAAB wants to sell beautiful cars in S
    SAAB creates work,
    -China is not EVERYTHING!

    And the last statement still leaves room for hope for SAAB! The first steps are underway …….
    Still sunny views!

  • The beginning is hard but it is done.
    At some point in the year 2014 also the German car magazines will write about Saab again.
    Deadly ones live longer !!!

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