Volvo Estate Concept

The times are exciting, the expectations are high. The Volvo XC 90, the best-selling model in brand history, is about to be replaced. At the same time the successor will be the first own new development, since the separation from the former mother Ford.

Volvo Estate Concept @ Volvo Car Group 2014
Volvo Estate Concept @ Volvo Car Group 2014

If the journalists have their way, there is no doubt. The Gothenburg brand is starting a success story. Because when was the Volvo stand so crowded as when the Volvo Estate Concept was presented? For our team, and not just for us, but for the assembled car press, clearly the most beautiful concept car at an otherwise very discouraged car show. Our congratulations go to Gothenburg!

However, the fact that there was hardly any getting through on the Swedish press on the first day of the press was also due to other facts. Volvo and Apple announced their alliance, and so will in all future models Apple CarPlay to be found. No exclusive relationship, because also Ferrari, Mercedes, Hyundai and Honda are there. And many more brands will follow, including long-time Microsoft partners.

Okay, we had hoped and dreamed that at some point there would be a relationship between Saab and Apple. It's not impossible, because in the fiercely competitive market, NEVS would also be open to strategic partnership with Apple. If she is really desirable and actually that would be open Saab IQon the better solution. But to hope for that is probably too much reverie.

Maybe we should ask the whole hype once the question of how much touchscreen in the car is good for driving safety. And whether well-defined switches, as in previous decades, could not be the better solution.

Back to the Volvo Estate Concept! Many small details, such as small Swedish flags as applications and the fine leather from Bridge of Weir - Saab supplier from better days long past - create a Scandinavian atmosphere.

I still like the new, very solid radiator grille that graced the study at the IAA 2013. The large, continuous glass roof is reminiscent of earlier Saab studies, and overall, the new design language is also very Scandinavian. How brave Volvo will be in the series, we see at the end of the year. Then with the XC 90 successor. Even for fans of the Gothenburg car brand times are exciting.

Volvo Check:

Enter: if Volvo only halfway has the courage to bring the beautiful details of recent studies in the series, then here comes the alternative to the usual premium offer.

Get out: because there is more than 45 minutes driving time between Gothenburg and Trollhättan. And because we actually want to continue driving a large Saab. When NEVS gives us a perspective ...


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    Yes, and the journalist from Vox Automobil Magazine was not allowed to touch the display! This has him an employee of Apple who was there at the Volvo forbidden!

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    No matter what: it's a concept. And for that, I think, quite successful. The videos turn me on the most. Nicely done, great charisma and all the trimmings ... tip top. He doesn't look that bad. Some things are definitely not made for the series (of course not), but still well implemented.
    I think it's great that Saab was once again a pioneer here: be the bear, the band that contributes the very atmospheric music, was already active for the 9-4x.


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    The exterior design I think is very nice, of course, a matter of taste.
    Unfortunately, meanwhile, all manufacturers have to integrate a tablet into the dashboard, otherwise they are considered backward.
    Let's just hope that then not even more drivers constantly surf the Internet instead of keeping their eyes on the road.
    But there are and there will be more and more driver assistants in the future, then the distraction from road traffic will be legalized. Whether you have to find that good?

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    Touchscreen is a bad habit that will not be stopped. Nevertheless, and despite the apple inside a great study of. I like it!

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    Yes, yes, a very nice car. Almost like my Snow White coffin back then ... Also the color. But I'm not giving away my Saabrio for it!
    A pity is just the Apple stuff in the center console. Can one also have that with buttons?

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      There is nothing to add!

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    Goodness, that was about 20 seconds a small car with a bull front, as if this was the World Cup in the air thrust, and 40 seconds er, with an 20-year-old blonde who has already reached her life goal, such a rich macker to fish, that they can get ne Hasselblad H series for about 20000Euro.

    To the K ... ..

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    a) Android - because it is open - into the car - if at all, because hardware switches still have the clear advantage that they can be operated blindly
    b) NEN city car Saab as a competitor to Audi A1 and co.
    c) again a spacious CombiCoupe à la 9000CS - these tall boxes just eat up an unnecessary amount of fuel.

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      Yes, “SeSi” I see it pretty similar.

      The one offered by Volvo seemed pretty helpless to me, the Xth attempt
      on the subject of Snow White coffin.

      If you have no ideas, try Retro. Since the blessed 480 Volvo seems to be only about the old 1800ES.
      So far, none of these attempts was really a commercial success.

      By the way, the 1800ES was not really a success during his lifetime. The Schnewittchensarg design lived from the contradiction, the modern rear part with the front design of the early 60er.
      The retrospective lacks this tension, so they are poor on their own.

      The press has been wrong many times, or in other words, what the press thinks is not necessarily a sales success. During my visit to Geneva, the Volvo stand was extremely quiet, and the interest was significantly lower than at most other booths.

      But, of course, this is just a snapshot from Monday.

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        No success? the P1800 ES is still the epitome of elegance today, the current market prices speak for the car, and it's not as adventurously cobbled together as a Sonett III, sorry… ..
        The new concept car, I think just succeeded, the reference to the old Schnewittchensarg is great (unimaginative? Rather a tribute to good old times, Porsche has always done this with success!), Only the interior would have strong improvement potential in my opinion !

        As far as the Volvo 480 and the current V40 are concerned, I agree with 100%!

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          I did not write a success for LEBZEITEN, that means in numbers. 8.077 pieces of it were made, this is probably not a success within 2 years. Even at that time, he probably would not have contributed his tool costs.

          Of course the “ES” is a classic, otherwise it wouldn't be copied all the time and I would also like to take the original and I admired the real 1800 ES in Geneva, it was a relief for the tortured eye.
          But, I'll do my best to ensure that none of the 1800ES copies ever become a classic.

          Although I do not know why you compare the Volvo 1800 with the sonnet, perhaps because the sonnet did not count on Saab?

          However, you have the sonnet 3 for about the same production amount no Blechpressteile needed and still earned nothing. Since I've restored a sonnet, I know what a crafthouse that is, but this is a whole different story.
          And I hope nobody will get the idea to use them as the basis for a retro design.

          You can argue about design because it's a matter of taste, but retro is not a future strategy. And if a manufacturer does it several times with the same starting point, does it get embarrassing at some point, don't they have any new ideas? But it has always been more normal at Volvo to look at others, because the Volvo 1800 ES actually also “stolen”. The idea probably comes from the English Reliant Scimitar GTE, which was created 3 years earlier, in a similar way from a coupe.

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      The one does not exclude the other. It is expected that in the long term, all manufacturers will support the popular mobile operating systems, so at least iOS and Android. Google has a corresponding counterpart. So do not panic

      The whole thing is anyway only there, so that the automakers can spoof their overpriced fixed installation solutions (tomorrow outdated, the day after tomorrow no more cards). Otherwise you could do it all the same or better with a smartphone or a tablet plugged into the dashboard.

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        Is there. You can install your own PC in the car and choose your own operating system. I know someone who has done that in his Audi and there with a Linux OS ... with navigation, sound system and smartphone connection.

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    Yes, yes, the sidelines - I like it. The cockpit - you have to get used to it, not my case. And the grill reminds me a lot of the P1800 - good. I don't need the Apple fuss, but apparently it is like this: if you have Apple on board, you've already won half ... Let's see what really comes next.

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    The front section of the study is reminiscent of older Mitsubishi sedans + station wagons - actually nothing new.

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    Strong design, but I do not need the Apple Octopus, that's more of an argument to get out!

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      I see it the same way.
      Appel would be a reason to look elsewhere.

      Really good would be to leave the whole thing to the customer, from a fairly large selection, with the right common standards and interfaces. That would be a reason to spend a little more.

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    I see it the same way! Sure, I would prefer a big Saab, but if there is nothing, Volvo is a very nice alternative !!

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    He looks really good. Although the front is very reminiscent of the BMW 5er. But I like that too. Have courage and build it. Would definitely be better than the uniformity. As a Saab fan, you're a bit jealous of Volvo

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    Leaves me ice cold the Estate Concept, just like Volvo in general.

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