Koenigsegg One: 1

The world's first production sports car with a megawatt output does not come from Sant'Agata Bolognes or Maranello, it comes from Ängelholm. This is in southern Sweden, on the way from Malmö to Gothenburg.

Koenigsegg One: 1 @ 2014 saabblog.net
Koenigsegg One: 1 @ 2014 saabblog.net

There is one in Ängelholm UFO Monument, which contrary to all conjecture is not dedicated to Koenigsegg One: 1. Although the pure data of flounder are out of this world. For each horsepower, the One: 1 only has to move one kilogram, which explains the name. The Facts: 1.360 horses have just as much weight, between 1.000 and 3.000 revolutions are 1.000 Newtonmeter torque. The sprint of 0-400 should be possible in 20 seconds. Wow!

Everything about the irrationality, built from a composition of carbon and carbon fiber, appears high-quality, well thought-out and futuristic. Just like we expect from Swedish engineers. Christian von Koenigsegg has a few friendly sentences for the saabblog.net team, even though he is being followed by a camera team. Our Saab jackets not only create sympathy with Koenigsegg, later on Swedish TV you can also see the lettering and speak to us. Even if we are not from Sweden, we still have Saab in our hearts.

The price of the One: 1 Mark did not even ask. His garage is full and another Saab project is on the wish list. Incidentally, the new racer from Ängelholm refueled both E85, regular gasoline and premium fuel for racing use. A multi-fuel engine, as we know it from the Saab BioPower Concept. So the One: 1 has somehow remained quite a solid Swede.

More detailed pictures and technical data are available on the manufacturer side.

Koenigsegg One: 1 Check:

Enter: because there is no interest on the bank for our hard-saved money and the stocking under the pillow is not nearly as sexy as a Koenigsegg in the air-conditioned garage. And because the drug One: 1 comes from Sweden.

Get out: because our Saab in front of the door is the less conspicuous and decent means of transportation.

Text: tom @ saabblog.net

Images: mark & ​​yves for saabblog.net


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    Rear spoiler or not ... I am not a “fan” of such dimensions! There are more interesting models for me at Koenigsegg, e.g. B. the CCXR! (Thanks for the link!) But they understood the pilot cockpit perfectly !!! EXCELLENT! Likes to drive once ... there is no attraction to owning.

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    Would like to know how much tax on the thing in Austria costs
    My 9000 Aero costs 1145 € at 225PS

  • blank

    I don't have to own ...

    ... but I would like to drive! ! !

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    I have to remember the phrase in the context: “the garage is full”.

    What a dream car! Would be something for me, unfortunately my garage is already full

  • blank

    But electromobility is on the rise - VW wants the Golf
    Upgrade series accordingly!

    At NEVS, however, you should also invest a lot of energy in the completion of new series with conventional technology in order to be broadly positioned and thus competitive - in any case, hybrid models should not be missing.

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      Electromobility is politically intentional, but whether that is feasible and economical will show the future and then stands on another page in history

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    Well, but only just.Schade, instead, unfortunately, we now have the Stromchinesen.

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    Koenigsegg almost took over SAAB, that would have been a strong story ... (You can dream 😉)

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    As great as he is. Not my thing. Get more out of the wolf in sheep's clothing. Where else do you want to go with it? On German motorways it has become difficult to drive 200.
    Is there more data about the engine?

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