Fresh spring shine for Saab driver

- Press release Swedish Distribution Services Deutschland GmbH -

Eschborn. Just in time for the car spring, the spare parts and service experts at Swedish Distribution Services Deutschland GmbH have again developed an attractive service campaign for Saab drivers. Attractive spring offers bring fresh spring shine to the vehicles and make the Saab vehicles in Germany and Austria fit for the warm season.

SAAB spring shine 2014
SAAB spring shine 2014

From the classic Saab spring check for all Saab models - in basic or premium performance levels or the Saab Exclusive Service package - to original Saab brake disc and brake pads, a V-belt package, to Saab tire and wheel service everything. Optionally, the Saab partners participating in the mailing campaign could also choose between an air conditioning check and the Saab Car make-up service to optimize the value of their customers or integrate a completely individual service offer of the dealership into the mailing.

A spring embossed Saab sticker in the form of the embossed Saab logo allows customers to express their passion for Saab once again and thus set a small sign for the brand. And as a highlight of the campaign, all customers who opt for one of the specially selected offers, get a new free Saab emblem for their vehicle, if your old Saab emblem optically already a bit long in the tooth.

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"Brilliant prospects for Saab drivers," says Managing Director Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher and his team convinced the Saab Parts AB branch for Germany and Austria. He and his team are also pleased to announce that the availability of Saab Genuine parts is guaranteed long term and is currently at a high industry standard.

Also, the fact that now after 2 ½ years again a Saab model in the Swedish Trollhättan left the factory, can hope for new fresh splendor and new prospects for the brand Saab.

Source: Swedish Distribution Services Germany GmbH
a subsidiary of Orio AB

5 thoughts on "Fresh spring shine for Saab driver"

  • Who is sending the letter mailings? The dealer or SaabParts? I didn't get one this time, otherwise they would ... My dealer is taking part in the campaign according to the PDF.

    • Edit: Was there today ... 😉

  • @ André with 9-3SC

    But Stuhr is at least a “part” of Bremen and the dealer there is quite far down on the list.

  • Hello Tom.

    I am always happy to hear about SAAB. So I would like to participate in these great interesting actions from Eschborn. And a SAAB is a long-distance car. But in the entire northwest is well known dead pants!

    So I thought, as I read the report, on to Bremen (about 55km (all information is simple route) or Osnabrück (100 km) you could make a nice day trip with the family.

    But even these SAAB authorized repair shops are not on the list next to the Oldenburg and Wiefelsteder.

    Thus, after Walsrode (about 120km) or Detmold (about 200km)?

    Well, the Saab drivers who live directly on the coast have it even further ...

    Greetings from the SAAB-authorized workshop northwest!


    • Unfortunately, some regions are a bit thinned out ... Maybe it will be better when new cars come to Germany at some point!

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