Spring shine for Saab

Perhaps a little symbolism is involved in the spring action of the former Saab Parts, now Orio AB. The old, faded or damaged Saab emblems are exchanged for new ones for free.

Fresh shine for Saab © 2014 saabblog.net
Fresh shine for Saab © 2014 saabblog.net

An interesting thing, I think. The financial equivalent alone. Let's do the math… for an original logo at the front and a logo at the back, depending on the model, you can sometimes walk 50,00, 60,00 or more over the counter of the friendly Saab partner. That alone could be reason enough to have the due inspection carried out by the Saab partner. In addition, let's be honest: a Saab that drives in front of us with a bare logo is a picture of misery.

The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror
The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror

The Orio AB branch in Eschborn bears the costs for the emblems. In plain language: they take money in hand to bring us to the workshops. Which is a kind of appreciation for the customer and therefore more than a real equivalent. As during the last campaign, there is now a list of the participating Saab partners on the Internet. This provides transparency that is sometimes sorely needed. Because not everywhere where the Saab sign hangs, there is also commitment behind it. Spare parts that are available in Sweden are then stated as not available - because at some point the pleasure in dealing with the brand and customers has been lost. The list saves us a lot of disappointment if we end up somewhere again where you don't want to know anything about the action. The committed dealers, however, are actively supported.

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Let's talk again about the symbolism, which can be wanted, but which could also be coincidence. We have had no new car supplies for around three years. Nevertheless, action after action follows from the Saab Tower in Eschborn. Reliable, precise like a Swiss watch and each time with a new, Saab idea. Would we be surprised if the Saab team from Hessen were to sell new cars again soon? If we weren't, we'd take it for granted! The German branch of Orio AB is Saab for us, and who else in Germany would be so close to dealers and the community? But we're not that far yet, that's pure speculation!

Spring shine 2014 is influenced by the positive events of the last few months. Vehicles are rolling off the production line again in Trollhättan. The Beijing auto show is scheduled for April, and something like a new spring is starting for the brand. It will not be an easy path for Saab in the future either, rather a mammoth task, everything is just about to start.

Saab is on its way, and the spring campaign is a nice symbol to now show the flag for our brand and to make the griffin with the Saab logo shine on our vehicles.

Text & image: tom@saabblog.net

30 thoughts on "Spring shine for Saab"

  • @ Tom

    Thanks for the info.
    My SAAB partner in Spittal is thank God
    Our 9-3 Coupe will certainly look great with a new SAAB logo.
    So spring can come …….

  • Hello Tom,

    You forgot the great sticker. My friend had opened the letter in front of me, and said to my son, but dad will be happy.
    I'm looking forward to my visit at Stephan Automobile in Vienenburg !!!
    Great action like every year.

    Greetings from the resin

  • Hello

    Great action
    How does it look like in Austria?
    The emblem just happened to fly me.

    • Austria is also present, the list of participating Saab partners is available here.

      • Hi Tom

        Right, found the folder in my post today! I'm happy that Ö is there too, even if VERY poor….

        Good trip from Vienna to all Saabs out there!

  • Are the mobilforum Dresden and Etehad in Halstenbek no longer considered dedicated dealers, or why are they not on the list?

    • Both are committed, but still do not participate. That too is there.

  • After the prospectus of my FSW, which is back for the first time in a long time

    • From Eschborn you report the 31.05. as a deadline.

  • Unfortunately Thuringia is not represented in the list ... :-( Until when does the campaign last?

    • Until the 31.5.

      • Thank you!

  • Did not Dresden start its own campaign last year?
    With that you could really save.

  • And when does the action come to Switzerland?

    • According to the current state, Switzerland plans its own actions and there are individual actions with the partners.

      • Well then I'm curious ...

  • My dealer is here! Great idea and fresh shine for my SAAB!

  • That’s also three months too late for me 🙂 At the beginning of January I shot down the griffin on the hood with a high-pressure cleaner ... Griffin off, so to speak.

    But only costs 35 euros and a little fiddling to replace it ... even in the old SAAB / Scania variant.

    • That's not a bad idea !! @ PhiBo I have that in front of me in the old SAAB / Scania variant. SAAB greetings Wolef

      • Dear Wolef,

        the launch had been no intention, but rather a combination of age and close distance of the spray lance. In addition, a SAAB / Scania emblem was already present.

        If you are looking for one, Skandix has one for the front and back - as I said, 35 euros are due for it.


        • @PhiBo until last year was ours also ok and we were surprised that the others were peeled off! One day my wife came home from work and only had half an emblem on the hood! On the trunk lid it starts to buckle but at a 931 Cab by Bj 99 it is allowed! SAAB greetings Wolef

  • I have received two postes from the old and new FSH - and I am surprised that both flyers have different offers and also prices

    • The partners set their prices individually, as well as determine the scope of the offered action on their own.

      • I think it's great and am happy that the team in Eschborn is offering the dealers this flexibility.

  • I was very happy about the post. From Saxon point of view, I can warmly recommend Zimpel and Franke in Zwickau.
    Competent employees with great service. Keep it up.
    I like to go there.

    • Only that one sees nothing more in Zwickau except for the Saab sign at the door. That's why I'm wondering the more that they are there but Dresden zb. Not.

  • Great idea!
    (“Unfortunately” I replaced my two slightly peeled logos myself last year)
    I had to listen to sayings from friends like “Your logo fits the brand” beforehand! ;-(

    However, I am particularly pleased about the “participants” list.
    So you can see which “dedicated” dealers / workshops are nearby.
    My current one is unfortunately not included. One that we were briefly about in the past - and which I thought was no longer an “official” one - it is, however.

  • Very meaningful action! The emblems on the tailgate dissolve again or become dull. Cool idea!

  • Really CLASS idea!
    I know how SAAB drives without a logo ... doesn't look good at all! I will recommend this website as information, the SAABians can act themselves ... Know the "problem" of my old SAABs, until I asked the friendly man at the car wash to avoid the emblems with the steam jet !!! Small note, great effect so far! Have a nice day!

  • I got mail from my Saab workshop on Saturday. Everything explained nicely and even with fixed prices, which are perfectly fine.
    My Saab workshop is far more than 20 km away from me, but since I bought my car 2010 there, I have not regretted the decision for a day.

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