Saab 9-5 NG purchase advice. Part 2

The 9-5 NG is a statement of mobile individuality. But can reason also endorse the purchase of the big Saab sedan? Part 2 of our purchase advice deals, among other things, with the important topic of spare parts supply.

Saab 9-5 NG Aero Sedan
Saab 9-5 NG Aero Sedan

Saab HUD

A highlight in the 9-5 is the head-up display. In plain language: Saab driving will fly like a jet at night. You switch on the night panel, the cockpit lighting goes out and you fly through the night with the head-up display, relaxed and confident. It couldn't be better!

By far not all vehicles have a HUD, but initial retrofits with original parts have already been successful and possible.

Drive Sense. Necessary or not?

A topic that is often discussed in Saab circles and forums. The first 9-5 copies without Drive Sense were so inharmoniously tuned that they receive no recommendation. Only after the factory holidays 2010 changed the vote and was continuously improved until the end of production. 2011er model years are worth a recommendation even without the electronic suspension. The following applies: the later the production date, the better the setup.

Fundamentally, according to our experts, the Drive Sense is really only noticeable in conjunction with the HiperStrut suspension in the V6. For the 4 cylinders without HiperStrut, only the accelerator pedal and steering response will change, but otherwise the changes made by Drive Sense will not be significant.

Spare parts supply

The situation did not look very good in 2012, the future seemed bleak. But miracles happen where they are not expected, and the situation has noticeably eased since then. A few days ago we checked the inventory in Nyköping, and Orio AB, formerly Saab Automobile Parts AB, has successfully filled the existing gaps in one way or another.

Also the topic with the long not available windscreens is clarified. The supplier, who also supplies the new Saab models from NEVS with discs, is producing again. What I never expected, the situation is better than expected and argues for the purchase of a 9-5 NG.

SAAB 9-5 NG with turbine rims
SAAB 9-5 NG with turbine rims

Saab 9-5 accessories

Hirsch Performance offers various performance kits to optimize the engines. They are all recommended, because the Saab makes with deer as always an extra helping more fun. A good dose of more sound and a sporty driving feel conveyed by the exhaust system from Hirsch. It is made of stainless steel and can still be obtained in small quantities.

The noble part comes from the specialist Sebring and keeps what the great name promises. Unfortunately, it is only available for the 4 cylinder, but can be adapted to the V6.

The carbon leather set for the cockpit of Hirsch, however, gets no recommendation. Sorry deer performance! He looks like it's pasted on and is. But it's not just the look that bothers you. Since you have to work exactly to the millimeter during installation, but usually missed this goal, the operation of the air conditioners after installation is often limited and hakelig. An annoyance that can be ruled out in advance, and the 800,00 € can be saved with a good feeling or invest in other things.

Neutral, however, we evaluate the rear spoiler for the sedan, which is offered cheap in touring package. He looks good, as an alternative, there is still a rear spoiler from Saab, but has limitations. The water does not run off, in winter ice forms on the boot lid when the vehicle is not moved. It simply lacks a drainage option for the water, because the designer has forgotten a small hole.

Get Saab 9-5 NG from abroad

The offer in Germany is manageable, because Saab has sold less than 200 vehicles here. Some used cars are already very long, because the equipment is not very attractive. The biggest offer is in the Netherlands, a Saab stronghold, and in Sweden. There offers A large selection. Importing from both countries is relatively easy, but may present some difficulties in Saab's home country. In Sweden, for example, the COC is confiscated and destroyed on leased vehicles; the transport authority issues a Swedish replacement document, which could cause irritation for the German authorities.

Saab partners experienced in importing from Sweden, such as our Saab base in Kiel, should therefore be involved and accompany the import, which has some advantages. Because they can see through the VIN the exact scope of equipment, which can vary from country to country, and thus protect against unpleasant surprises. On arrival in Germany, they help with the preparation of the required documents, so that nothing stands in the way of a problem-free approval with the local authority.

Saab 9-5 NG with Keyless Start / Stop
Saab 9-5 NG with Keyless Start / Stop

Upgrading - anything is possible.

We have a special situation, as there are still many new cars slaughtered in Sweden from pre-production and testing. It actually brings tears to our eyes, but we can benefit from it.

The administrators have sold a three-digit number of 9-5 sedans and sports suits to recyclers for cannibalization. That is why there is an offer of almost new leather upholstery, navigation and multimedia systems and almost everything that was in the surcharge lists. This makes it possible to configure your dream Saab even three years after the end of production. A limit to the possibilities is only determined by the available budget.

Saab Service Lafrentz In Kiel, the first address for the rebuilding and upgrading of the 9-5 NG model series has made a name for itself in the Saab community and provided (almost all) desired parts from Sweden at reasonable prices.

Illuminated door handles in SAAB 9-5 NG
Illuminated door handles in SAAB 9-5 NG

Model year 2012

You do not have to be a clairvoyant! Models 2012 are already collector's items today, and the 2010 and 11er models will become so in the very distant future due to low unit counts.

However, some parts of the hardware and the software version of the 2012 vehicles differ significantly from the previous years. Routine maintenance via the server is therefore not possible, access by Saab service partners ends there with model year 2011. 2012 9-5 models are - quite clearly - collector's items! Desirable, worth collecting, very rare, but only recommended to a limited extent for daily use.

Price development for the Saab 9-5 NG

Times change. At the beginning of 2012, some Saab partners were still worried about the leasing returns and now they would like to have more. The prices start in a very narrow market around the 20.000,00 €, the average for three year olds at 25.000,00 to 30.000,00 €. Desired models with complete equipment, the right color and low mileage may like to cost a lot more. The 9-5 NG is thus more stable in value than the environment and will remain so.

Maintenance at Saab Partner is mandatory

Like all modern vehicles, the last 9-5 generation also depends on online access, which is only available from Saab partners. The necessary software updates for various components are only available there. If you want to be happy with your Saab in the long term, there is no way around an authorized workshop. There are good partners with 9-5 experience in StuttgartBonn, Vienenburg, Bamberg, Kiel and Frankfurt.

The 9-5 NG is one of the few options in the upper middle class to travel individually. The design will be modern for a long time to come, also because it is not widely used. Prices will keep a certain stability. Simply because it is the last big Saab for a certain period of time and there will always be people who want to be on the road with a Saab.

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  • Just spec. I experience Polo6N with a friend in two ways. Certain parts - mostly wearing parts - are available, but for almost the same as what it costs for my 2 and others are no longer available. With Saab I experience that right away and it has become difficult, especially with older model series - with partial exceptions for those supplied by Opel - for example the servomotor for headlight regulation. So I'm talking about the models that will become youngtimers in the next few years - the predecessors of the 900-9 II and 3-9 II - and that were not supplied by Opel / GM ... Probably similar to my 5 MY900? Even if Saab AB lives on in Orio AB. I'm interested in SAAB original parts, not the replicas! I recently had to replace the coolant expansion tank because it was leaking. The replica draws air into the system via the lid, the original from Saab is tight and costs just 91 euros more ...

  • Hi,
    then please do not overestimate the other manufacturers. Try getting spare parts for a Polo 6N that was made by the end of 90er. Since it was said at the scrapping premium one should rather take the claim, as much is no longer available.
    And parts for a T3 that was built to 92, there is luck with Classicparts for really much €, or only on the scrap.
    Since the spare parts situation at Saab with the previous history is already exceptionally good.

  • ttid was only available as a switch, but optionally with four-wheel drive
    tid was also available as automatic, but not with all-wheel

    There was probably an ad where the combination of diesel four-wheel drive and automatic was specified, but it was wrong!

  • As an alternative to selling the soul, I would also run back to Trollhättan.

  • I have read both articles with me once and find them super written and very informative.

    I have to admit that the 9-5 NG sparked my passion for Saab. Because before I found all Saabs pretty boring or even ugly - I just didn't like the cockpit. Tom wrote that the 9-5 NG is the best alternative in the upper middle class - WRONG! The Saab is the best vehicle in this vehicle class. All other vehicles are alternatives. - Just my opinion, of course.

    In my opinion, the 2.0 TID is the most reasonable engine, even if I would rather have a TTID. Why is it actually said that the TTID wasn't available with automatic and all-wheel drive? This motor-drive combination was built between 2010 and 2011 - the same applies to the smaller diesel, right? At least I've seen such combinations on
    The gasoline, I think nice. The consumption is quite passable and the performance as well. Especially the 2.0t offers the best compromise here.
    If only it weren't for the automatic. Good switching behavior or not. But 1,1l additional consumption (with the 2.0t) in the standard cycle are really under all cannon. Are the gear ratios so different, the automatic transmission weighs so much more, has the application of the transmission gone so wrong, or where does this additional consumption come from? I never understood that - if I were to use the same gear ratios and let the automatic transmission shift in the same way as it is done with the manual, then I would have to get almost the same (a little more due to higher weight) consumption.

    With the V6, the 9-5 is in the midfield in the upper middle class. An equally strong BMW / Audi lets the Saab easily stand up in terms of performance and consumption, a Mercedes is sometimes slightly better (E 350 CGI Blueeff), sometimes minimally worse (E 350 CGI 4Matic 7-G), but always more economical. And when I hear “timing chain elongation” then it's all over for me. I made this scrap with my Leon and I don't need that again.

    As far as the equipment is concerned I am not so picky. He only has a cruise control and a seat heater. Climate control, navigation system and all the other options are nice accessory, but with me no must and no purchase-critical criteria. He is not allowed to be just silver.

    But unfortunately there are far too few vehicles that are not silver and equipped with a diesel, an automatic, optional four-wheel, a heated seats, Xeonlicht and cruise control. In addition, all vehicles cost either too much or are somewhere abroad and are thus out of reach for me. For a Sportcombi with said equipment I would also sell my soul. * Laughs *

    In this sense, best regards from the Schü.

  • Sorry, but with all the euphoria for the 9-5, one should and must not forget (especially because of the spare parts) that SAAB had several suppliers (Hella, Bosch, etc.) which today, despite identical components, for a series of over 100000 vehicles no longer deliver ... You have to look around the used market or at identical parts from vehicles from other manufacturers (eg Volvo). Just happened to me with a servomotor for the headlight regulation of my 900 MY91 ... Exactly that, 9-3 and 9-5 can also happen in the next few years, which were only built 15 years ago. Especially where parts have not or hardly come from the Opel / GM storage rack, but from SAAB itself.

  • I drive a TiD with automat and am very satisfied with it. With the rigorous speed limits here in the CH, you are well on your way with 160 PS and 350 Nm. Consumption is around 6.9 Lt, for such a big and heavy sedan absolutely top!
    Greetings from Basel

  • ... I think mac9-5 means the station wagon, although I think the sedan is nicer. When the 9-5II stands alone, you can't tell its size, it only rises above the others in its class when compared directly.

    mine was already made of deer leather, but without carbon optics. The operation is not restricted, the optics ok, but I would have preferred burl wood. However, with the black chairs and fittings, it is closer to my aero9k than to all 9-5I that have been allowed to drive so far.

    the care in Leipzig is also good, there are also two 9-5II under 20.000 € that leaves room to retrofit a Einbaunavi.

    So again, I do not give it, but I can only recommend a purchase!

  • Great car with V6 engine also here in France !!

  • That's what distinguishes beautiful from practical design (like all others have it). Viewed obliquely from the rear, the shape is reminiscent of the hatchback of the old 900er.

  • Great articles about the 9-5 NG - really whets your appetite!
    (if only the roof of the 9-5 NG would have been pulled further back ...)

  • Again a great report! Are there already empirical values, if one wants to get a 9-5NG from Italy or France?

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