SAAB production in Trollhättan

At the Saab factory in Stallbacka, 6 vehicles are currently being built per day. TTELA, the local newspaper Trollhättans, was there to give us an insight into the current work.

SAAB production in Trollhattan
SAAB production in Trollhattan

A good idea from NEVS, I think. A little more transparency, a little closer to the customer, the approach appeals. Saab builds vehicles and we have the opportunity to be there “live”.

A nice detail on the sidelines is also changed by which employer Pernilla Bardin, the friendly NEVS employee in the film, to Trollhättan. She tells it in the movie.

Even more television with some Saab background is available tonight. Saab 9000 driver Tilo Bubek, not a few of us know him, is in his adopted home Norway on the hunt for the Northern Lights. More on this today aspects on ZDF.


14 thoughts on "SAAB production in Trollhättan"

  • The tape does not run faster even at high clock rates. The higher load slows the jerking into a steady forward motion.

  • Soon the production of the EV's starting, then the line will go much faster.

  • This is probably also because nothing stands on the assembly line. When it's full of cars, the inertia slows down the stuttering. But the workers do not really look stressed out. Works so improvised. Would like to see a picture of the finished.

  • THANK YOU, that calms you down….

  • Is probably the low clock rate of 6 vehicles a day. From autumn it should run a bit faster

  • Yep, the jerky treadmill is already “special” ... Is it supposed to train perception so that when production is ramped up, the tool inserts can still be handled safely ???
    Or is the jerky treadmill more of a "symbol" ...
    I still keep my positive attitude towards SAAB 2.0!
    Nice weekend to all SAABians and changeable!

  • In principle a nice film, but the jerky tape is rather embarrassing. You can really see how it is difficult for the workers to get something exactly. Inserting a heavy door without a flaw is art ...

  • Yeah, that's exhausting. How should one be able to work precisely as a worker? Is the power always turned off for fractions of a second because it was not fully paid, or what is the cause of it?

  • Nice video. And even without knowledge of Swedish, you can understand from which company the lady switched to Saab - good decision 🙂

  • 6 piece is better than nothing!

  • Cool, this is my movie for the weekend

  • Is that deceptive, or are the tapes really jerky? It is very different when assembling 😀

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