Navigation Update for the Saab 9-3 (Part 1)

The most recent software for the official Saab 9-3 comes from the year 2010. Even from this series only a few copies came into circulation, so that the mass of 9-3 drivers with even older versions is on the way.

Navigation Update for the SAAB 9-3 © 2014
Navigation Update for the SAAB 9-3 © 2014

The topic is a hot topic for some Saab riders, and the bad news is that there will be no replenishment from Sweden. This is definite and not negotiable. The management of Orio AB has taken this decision and communicated for reasons that are incomprehensible to us. A clear annoyance and incomprehensible, because for the company from Nyköping it would have been a safe deal.

To prevent any misunderstandings: the lack of supplies is not due to the lack of commitment of the German branch. The topic was up-to-date at each of my visits and was strongly represented to Nyköping. Maybe, even that's possible, the update fails but not to Nyköping, but is a licensing issue, in which Detroit has a say in the matter. Anyway, problems are there to be solved.

Navigation Update for 45,00 €?

There are various sources of navigation software on the Internet, and we have self-tested two of them for the readers. It starts with the NavEuro software, which promises an 2013 map booth. The site itself is a bit dubious, it lacks the imprint. Actually, the mind says "Stay away", all the warning lights should now light up. But we have a blog as a mission and want to test what is offered there. So we invest 45,00 € for our test.

The fact that a Chinese address appears as a payee at the time of purchase does not really increase our trust.

But two days later, the Navisoftware, which was sent from Spain, in our mailbox. Should I have been wrong? Not good is the absence of the bill, and otherwise there are no accompanying documents.

The tension increases, even if the feeling is very skeptical. On the same day I test the DVD, which promises a current map status.

Read error during navigation

The test does not start well. On the first try, my device does not recognize the software, only ejecting it again and inserting again causes the navigation system to load the DVD. All this is slow and audible reader sounds, which I do not know from the original DVD. The result is strange. I can not see a map, just a white field, but can enter a navigation destination. I program our Saab Hangar to meet with friend Achim there and start the Turbo X. On the way there, I see the streets in crossroads in the detail image, while the main map remains empty. But, and that is the only good news at this point in time, the stand seems up-to-date and all new building measures in my environment are familiar with the system.

At Saab Hangar the software changes the device. From the Turbo X from year of construction 2008 the DVD migrates now in the Aero TTiD from 2008. The result is a new variant. The TTiD shows the map, but no crossing areas. And with both devices, the map scale can not be changed. And there is another surprise. Back in Turbo X, a miracle happens. Suddenly all the cards are there, and even the POI can be called up and displayed. What loud NavEuro should not work. However, the map scale still can not be changed. Happy ending with startup problems?

Back on the A3 then the disillusionment. The DVD gets out with read errors. Where the problems come from shows later a look at the DVD. In direct comparison with what comes from the factory, we see that the software supplied by NavEuro is delivered on DVD media, which are available in every computer store. These are not media from one of the manufacturers' copiers. These "home-burned" DVDs have my Saab navigation system problems and crashes at some point with reading errors.

Problems with "self-made" media

However, this does not happen in every 9 3. Because over the years, 2008 and 2009 lasers with different quality have been installed. If you're lucky, you have a high-quality reader that reads the software without any problem. Who not, he was unlucky, like me. Alternatively, but you can install a new laser, which is recommended, because then all self-burned should be read without problems.

An issue that interests us for a number of reasons, and we will write about the problem of polluted or inferior lasers at a later date.

The test result

There is no doubt that NavEuro supplies goods with up-to-date maps. From which sources the material comes, I do not even want to speculate. Also in terms of the legal background and what Navteq would have to say, that would be an issue in itself.

The fact is that vehicles can cause problems that lead to a system crash of the navigation system. It is also a fact that in none of the tested vehicles was the displayed map scale to be changed. Readers who use the software also report the same problem.

So there is no purchase recommendation from our side. We searched further and tested further. The next software test for our Saab 9-3 navigation, from another source, comes on Tuesday.

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  • For me, this "solution" 45, - € is too expensive. Better old cards than cards that may work, or maybe not.

    I'm looking forward to more alternatives.

  • Customize open-street maps yourself.

  • Absolutely incomprehensible that Orio is not engaged in this area and leaves us a Gebastel. One can only emphasize that customer service is one of the prerequisites if you want to be part of the next vehicle purchase.

    I also tried for my 9-5 Aero from 2007 to find a map update and used a newer CD from the Range Rover Sport out of necessity. That went well for a while, then the reading unit was broken. Because no official source of SAAB support came, I replaced the Navi now with a current Alpine device.

    A shame on an 6-year-old vehicle.

    • How right you are. There is another Swedish brand

  • Thanks for the test! Was already close to the order and have now saved 45 €

  • Think also that a complete exchange is the simplest and most sensible solution. But that's probably the bitter pill you have to swallow as a Saab driver.

  • My version is old, but I always arrived

  • Yes, that with "outdated maps" is very annoying.
    That's not only true for Saab, but also for many others. But with Saab it is very clear. Too bad that the need for the successors (Orio / NEVS) probably not see.

    Some years ago I bought the official and "latest" DVD for my 2002'er station wagon very expensive at a dealer for my system (SAAB / Kenwood / Touchsceen). But even then I actually bought some "older" map material (which I knew, though). 🙁

    Since I would like to maintain the "original" appearance of the car as well as the complete audio system (both software and hardware), I am currently helping with an iPhone / Navigon / gooseneck solution. It actually works quite well (especially since I have more functions and traffic information on my iPhone with the iPhone than with the old SAAB / Kenwood system). And it is not very expensive for me either, since I have the phone anyway and the navigation app was a one-time issue.

    This is what it looks like for me:

  • Tom, copy the DVD in a PC / MAC. If possible burn with the slowest possible speed then test again 🙂 sometimes causes miracles ...

    • Is being tested! Thank you

  • @ Tom: Try the difference between DVD-R and DVD + R synonymous ... Ie now take a medium of the other variety and the best ne good quality and slow burning.

  • Hi all.
    Am a bit surprised that you do not run the DVD with Tom. Have my since December 2013 in my Turbo X in use and can (at least to date) only positive things. The update has worked well with me from the beginning and also the road information seems to be (for Switzerland) top current. ... but of course it can also be that I have, as you write, a "newer laser" installed ... Oh and by the way: I have my update DVD's about Hirsch AG.

    It Grüessli from the south ...

    • The DVD does not run reliably in two tested vehicles, which may also be due to the quality of the lasers and possible contamination. My TX apparently does not like "self-made" media on principle. Can you change the map scale?

  • Hoi Tom.
    ... yes, everything really works for me like on the original. Even the scale can be easily changed .... It's funny that it does not work the same everywhere!

    • Yes, incomprehensible ...

  • The dealer of my confidence wanted 200 € for an update. Without me!
    I come from a time when I came to the destination without GPS. And so I will do this again in case of need.
    I can do without Tom's "experiments"! Nevertheless, a pleasing to read report, even if the result is flabby.

  • Hello everyone, you speak of the NAVIS with big screen ?? But what about the other Saab drivers / inside who still have the small Navis ?? Is there anything to report about update`s, or you can hear how I heard the CD from the Mazda 6 Bj.2005. Can someone say something there

  • I have also tried the dubious version from England, unfortunately, misread - read error. The money was allegedly transferred back to PayPal, I'll look at my next credit card statement. Second attempt was on the Hirsch AG St. Gallen. Read error again, although the still remaining original DVD from 2009 continues to be easily recognized, DVD no 2 has already said goodbye.
    I think about an Alpine ICS X8 device, which is easily installable, hard drive with offline Nokia navigation. But have no idea what quality the congestion bypass has. And it's expensive too.

    • The Kenwood integrates very well with the 9-3. We also have something to write in the course of the week ...

      • I'm curious. Personally, I have now after the first map update very big problems with the map / navigation. The music and telephone works well, but it can not stay the way it is.

  • The best and cheapest is still TomTom mobile, only this cable

  • That just does not work. Do not know what the manufacturers thought, but they probably had dollar signs in their eyes. In any case, I will not buy a car with built-in navigation system, but continue to use my smartphone. Both the device and the software are always up to date. And from the car manufacturers, I demand a better integration into the acoustic part of the vehicle.

    Is there even a manufacturer who stops the iPod function of the smartphone during traffic announcements on the radio?

    • Have now installed the Alpine INE-925r. The car electrician has almost backflung until he could integrate the thing in the BUS system of the vehicle. Parrot does not need it anymore. Now also the steering wheel operation, the telephone and the I-Phone connection works. Traffic announcements stop music from the I-Phone. The I-Phone is integrated with a Brodit adapter in the vehicle and connected via USB cable to the device.

      • Can you hear Youtube videos on the stereo? Siri-input? Microfunction of Whatsapp?

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