Navigation Update for the Saab 9-3 (Part 2)

The first test with new navigation software for the Saab 9-3 was disappointing. The scale of the map display could not be changed, and on one device the DVD got out with a reading error. In the second part we tested the navigation update of “My Satnav Updates”.

Navigation Update with POI © 2014
Navigation Update with POI © 2014

The website leaves as questionable impression as before at EuroNav. It lacks a clear imprint, it is missing the tax number. There should be no big illusions about the legal background. But we want to test and not clarify legal issues.

For our Saab, “My Satnav Updates” delivers a 2011 software that should cost € 35,00. The delivery takes place within a few days, the DVD comes in the post from England. As in the previous test, all documents are missing, only the DVD is supplied. It would have been a big surprise if we hadn't got a “self-burned” DVD on our table. Like the “EuroNav” product, the “My Satnav Updates” medium does not come from a copy of the major manufacturers.

The Navteq logo is missing, as is the reference to IGN Georoute France, on whose license the original is based. What the legal part is probably finally clear.

In Achim's 2008 9-3 TTiD, which acts as a test car, the DVD runs without problems. Changing the scale is not an issue, the POI function works. A joint test drive shows that the changes of recent years have been incorporated into the software. The Saab now recognizes every new road and every new roundabout. When selecting the chosen route, the software jumps too fast and without possibility of selection in the navigation mode.

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We did not find any reading errors in the one-week test run, but the audible reading noises point out that a "self-burned" DVD is playing here. Incidentally, in the Turbo X, which generally has problems with self-burned media in its navigation shaft, the DVD got out immediately with a reading error.

Final Words

The result is ambiguous. With the price of 35,00 € already common sense says that it can not be duly licensed goods. But unlike the software discussed in the previous review, functionality is in full. which would be a reason to be happy because we would have solved a problem.

Buyers of the navigation of “My Satnav Updates” take two risks, which have € 35,00 on the price tag.

Does the DVD in my Saab and I want to buy software from legally unclear source? Everyone has to answer the question for themselves, as a blog we have to advise against it from a legal point of view.

The subject of navigation in the 9-3 goes into the next round. What if the original system is broken and a repair is too expensive? In the next few days, we will introduce an alternative system that fits perfectly in the 9-3.

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    Since there are apparently some GPS devices that deal better with “self-burned” than others: Is there any experience which blanks then work best, which are most readable with the least amount of noise?
    My aim is to make backup copies of my legal DVD and to use it because at some point there will be no legal replacement DVDs and then the device would be useless and worthless ...
    Have already several Duallayer DVD + (Maxell just bought new, Verbatim already older) but so far no success, but this could also be s.Firen drive. All the best, Werner

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    On the one hand, I have to frown and turn up my nose when software is accessed from apparently unclean sources. I could also try it in any forum for pirated copies - I would save the 30 or 40 euros, the offer would definitely not be more legal.

    On the other hand, as a SAAB driver of Orio you are practically forced to do so if there are no more service updates for the existing software - and that causes an even bigger frown. Is there any problem with GM behind this? I can hardly imagine it, after all, NavTeq is its own company ...

    I would really be wrong, maybe they should really dig into the cream biscuits - and point out these dubious sources. It shouldn't be in Orio and Navteq's interests to leave customers who are known for their brand loyalty to dubious markets.

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    So, first of all thank you for your efforts! But I don't think there should be any legal possibilities! I'm excited about the sequel, because it also shows the possibility that can be retrofitted :-)!

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    So I'm looking forward to hardware !!!

    Greetings Thomas

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    ... so, just got back from my “Update” -Navi test drive. I just wanted to know exactly again and I deliberately “ran” the individual points complained about here. It seems, after all this writing, I am really the only lucky one at the moment with the zoom, POI and the entire DVD system running without problems (knocking wood three times). I hope I will still enjoy it for the next few months and years :-) ...

    Greetings from the Turbo X - drivers from the south ...

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      Good question, but there is unfortunately no answer from our side because we could not test it. The system in the pre-facelift models (everything before MY 2008) is not identical to the tested navigation systems.

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    THANK YOU for the self-test! I am still waiting for legal solutions

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    I am very satisfied with my solution in 9-5 NG so far (Garmin with Brodit holder and hidden cabling): all 3 months free update, voice control, very reliable.

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    That would be great. OT: Is there also an alternative to a defective four-wheel drive (eLSD)? Something durable without constant maintenance?

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    Thank you for saving a few Saab drivers unnecessary money. Now I'm curious how the hardware looks alternative.
    I know that Saab Parts UK is offering a Kennwood device, but maybe you've found something else.

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