Pilots wanted 2014 - registration opened

On June 13th and 14th our Saab event around the 9-5 NG takes place in Kiel. The first registrations from Sweden and Norway were in our mailbox before the registration opened ...

Pilots wanted 2104
Pilots wanted 2104

The two days in June will be all about Swedish passion, and everything will revolve around the big Saab sedans and the pre-series sports suits. There's a lot of Saab Talk, it's about tuning and customization, an artist presents Saab Art around the 9-5. Of course, our event is also about the current development of our favorite brand. Since we limit ourselves to the 9-5 NG, it will be a small but international Saab event. Our guests will also find a little Swedish flair in Kiel. The catering on both days will have a distinctly Swedish accent ... how could it be otherwise ...

Saab Tour Kiel Trollhattan 2013
Saab Tour Kiel Trollhattan 2013 © 2014 saabblog.net

The preliminary program - in Swedish, Dutch, English and German - can be downloaded from our event page, and registration is now also possible! More details about the event on the Saab Service Kiel site will follow in the next few weeks. Registration to participate is possible for all Saab 9-5 NG pilots. Saab drivers, traveling with other models, are welcome day guests in Kiel. The Lafrentz family, the sponsors and the blog team are looking forward to two Saab-crazy days in the north! Updates on the event will follow on the blog.

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    Wishes on 13./14. June two successful "Saabige" days. Kiel is a bit far away from Zurich (despite counter-evidence from 2013 from - CH - TG 23219 in front of the Lafrentz car dealership).
    Potential guest with Saab combo 9-3 II MY 2006 (2, hand since 08 2013).
    Peter Röthlin, CH 8123 Ebmatingen / B 3300 Tienen

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      Peter, how is Tienen, I live in this proximity, connected with Zurich? Just curious

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