on the road at the Techno Classica 2014

SAAB at the Techno Classica in Essen! And that at two booths. A positive fact that we owe to a handful of SAAB enthusiasts. But one after anonther…

Stand from the 1. German SAAB Club eV
Stand from the 1. German SAAB Club eV

I am in Essen after almost 500 kilometers, which are unfortunately Saab-free, and just under 4 hours. Around 150 to 200 journalists are waiting with me at the West Entrance for the entrance, which is to start for media representatives on Wednesday the day before at 14:00 p.m. It is international! Dutch, Swedish, French and even Czech or Lowak are spoken. I just can't tell these languages ​​apart. Strange how many of those present are over 70, play golf and have their wives in tow ...

It's now close to two o'clock when the doors open. The inlet runs quickly and without further delay. Everything seems perfectly organized. It passes by the VOLVO stand, where beautifully restored models from the motorsport era stand. Quickly I cross Hall 3 and arrive in hall 1. Here is the brand with the star at home. In the entire hall! Immediately in the direction of hall 2, then on through the halls 4 and 6 in hall 9. Here at 122 booth is the team of TRIBORON Germany represented. The boys are in a good mood, and after a short welcome we talk about our favorite car brand. I report Götz on the current state of my propellant amplifier tests. But more on another site.

Although the fair has just been open for half an hour, some good talks have already been held. Götz and Josef Zabel are currently talking Onno Kempink about supplying its SAAB fleet with TRIBORON products. Onno should be known to many of our readers with its SAAB Museum and the spare parts services related to SAAB ...

Then you go on together with Christoph Kloke in Hall 9.1 to booth 140. Traditionally, the 1st German SAAB Club eV is here next to the booth of Mercedes friends and the motorsport team of Erich Bitter, the well-known and successful racing driver. From 1958 to 1968 he was successful with NSU, among others, but also with VOLVO and SAAB. What I hadn't known before. But even after his active career, he remained connected to the brand from Trollhättan, again as a car dealer for SAAB.

Erich Bitter before his bitter diplomat
Erich Bitter before his bitter diplomat

You will also be warmly welcomed here at the stand. SAAB is immediately the topic of conversation number 1. Time flies by, and after just under an hour and a lot of SAAB talk, we say goodbye again.

Back at the TRIBORON booth, a well-known Swedish journalist is now very interested in the additives of Tommy Lindblom from Stockholm. Hans Hedberg of Teknikens Värld, which we last met at the start of production in December, would like to get as much information as possible about the products and the current tests. He raves about his test drive in the SAAB 9-3, but the price seems a bit too high. He is also very curious about what should happen in the summer in the Stallbacka from the tape.

Hans Hedberg from Teknikens Värld talking to Götz from TRIBORON Germany
Hans Hedberg from Teknikens Värld talking to Götz from TRIBORON Germany

It is now well after 18:30 p.m. when I say goodbye to the booth. Many thanks to Tobias Gebauer and the guys from the 1st German SAAB Club; to Götz, Dietrich and Josef from TRIBORON Germany and of course to Christoph. It was a great afternoon and a lot of fun.

The way back yesterday was no longer so SAAB poor. In addition to a 9-3 convertible in Leverkusen, then several 900 in Cologne and then again on the highway a SAAB 96 in restaurierungswürdigem state by piggyback.

Anyone who has the opportunity to attend Techno Classica should definitely do so. It is worth it!!!

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