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This Sunday, there is finally something about Saab on German television. The Vox Automagazin auto mobil sends our Saab contribution, which was shot in Kiel a few weeks ago.

Vox is about Saab © 2014
Vox is about Saab © 2014

Exciting ! Because the shoot where we all had our fun deals with the restart of Saab, which is basically a positive story. There would be the question of how much material from a whole day of shooting can be packed into 6 1/2 minutes of film. And what happened to the 17 minutes with NEVS press manager Mikael Östlund, who was connected live from Sweden.

Some of his statements are really interesting. We hadn't written anything about it so far… let's see what will go on air on Sunday. Because we do not know the final version either and will only receive our copies after the first broadcast. For everyone who wants to watch Saab on TV on Sunday, it means from 17:00 p.m .:  Vox turn on!

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  • Great report!
    Of course, one could have filled the whole program with our favorite topic, but the target audience of the report were not Saab enthusiasts but the general public. For those who are left hanging:

    The dead live longer - SAAB is back.

    These statements are more than I really expected. I am delighted with the positive mood towards our small, fine plank brand. It can carry on like this…

    • In my opinion, the statement was - quote from the contribution "Build cars from 2003" ... "for the Chinese market" ... AND what is true for SAAB: .. in D, the appearance of the SAABs is made by the owners and the workshops who take on the challenge have, kept alive and not through NEVS…. how will this continue if there is no replenishment?

      • Yes, the interest NEVS in Europe is rather secondary (well written)! Not only for us fans but especially for them SAAB dealers frustrating who have to live on it.
        But committed companies - like in Kiel, for example - may come up with ways to get new cars.
        But it is and remains tedious!

  • Nice report with very nice Saabs. But something depressing for the European new car market.

  • In all honesty - I would have expected a more well-founded article - a shame for the missed opportunity (maybe more information will come to light here)

  • I found the statement of Mikael Östlund not very motivating. How much worth knowing was because embezzled?

    • Of course, 17 minutes Mikael Östlund will not fit into 6.5 minutes post

      • Thanks in advance!

  • Thanks for the information! Will try to block the appointment…. The contribution is certainly exciting ... so, as always! Hope for positive news about SAAB!
    Sunny Wo.-end! 🙂

  • Although not synonymous to live there, but the VCR is armed!

    From my own experience (a team for regional news has also shot here) I can tell you that what you consider to be important for the broadcast is different from what they put into their broadcast. And maybe with some sentences or some passages from the interview you will think: "That was not what we meant!"

    It’s like that with television… well, let's hope VOX did a good job.

  • That sounds good. Can not see the post unfortunately. Am with my wife for 3 weeks at the Dead Sea in Israel. I have not seen a Saab yet.
    I hope for a nice report here in the blog.
    Saab's regards

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