Saab on Vox and the future of the brand

Yesterday was our Saab post on Vox. A positive Saab story, which was a lot of fun for everyone involved. But there is more to tell about the Saab future and about what Mikael Östlund had to say.

Switched roles - Markus Lafrentz behind the camera @ 2014
Reversed roles - Markus Lafrentz behind the camera @ 2014

Because of course, you can not bring the whole film in a short review, 95% of the material never goes on air, and that's why today we talk briefly about the day in Kiel.

Our focus is on the main participant, who was from Sweden. NEVS Press Secretary Mikael Östlund had already supported the Vox team with material in advance. He responded positively to the editorial request for a live connection, and his willingness to participate alone is a statement. It shows us that the German market has a place in Sweden's future planning.

In the Vox contribution Östlund was only briefly to see what is understandable. Because the entire 17 minutes he was switched on, are only interesting for people who have Saab on the radar. But not for the vast majority who are not interested in the details that move us.

And of course you always have the hope of breaking news on such occasions. One might hope for an announcement that Saab is returning to Germany, but it's the wrong stage and the wrong time. We already knew most of the statements from the start of production in December. For example that Saab will again deliver worldwide with the new models. The conclusion that there shouldn't be any new cars for us in 2014 is a bit frustrating ... but it is bearable. On the one hand, automakers think in model years and not in calendar years, and on the other hand, the somewhat more distant future is exceptionally more interesting than the new edition of the 9-3.

NEVS stays covered, we got used to it, and is master in the deep stacking. However, we heard a few sentences that Mikael Östlund heard about for the first time in public. Specifically, this sounds like this.

Mikael Östlund on the Phoenix platform:

"... we are working on the Phoenix platform ..."

So far, the Phoenix platform has been kept under lock and key. When asked, there was a smile or just silence, depending on the form of the day. First get the factory running, then produce the 9-3 as a new edition, then work on the platform would begin. That’s the official announcement - and that’s down to earth par excellence. Because the mention tells us that it is being worked on in Sweden. And not just since yesterday.

But it gets a little better, because in the next sentence Östlund became more concrete and adds another treat:

" ... on the Phoenix platform you can build both a very large and a very small car ..."

We are used to having to translate these statements. Translated, that means in plain language: we work on a small and a large Saab. A small city car for Europe, a big, representative Saab for China. And since we can assume that the 9-3 successor is also working, we have the situation that in Sweden a complete product family based on the Phoenix platform is growing. When the models come, anyone can calculate himself, which deals with the development cycles of the auto industry.

Mikael Östlund on the Saab EV for Europe:

"... we could also sell the electric car in Europe. But customers don't want it (yet) ..."

Exciting is the question of whether the first electric car from Saab will also be available in Europe. Sales in Sweden would be conceivable in spring 2015, we hear. If politics pulls along and promotes the necessary infrastructure. Apparently this also applies to the rest of Europe. Although you are covered with NEVS and argues with lack of demand. But is it really like that? Do not we want electric vehicles? What if the infrastructure was available?

In addition, the trend towards the electric drive seems to be slowly developing in our country too, and an innovative EV for Germany would be good for the image of the brand. Because the brand has to reinvent itself. There's no way around it.

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8 thoughts on "Saab on Vox and the future of the brand"

  • Most of today's Saab riders are long-distance riders. This is possible only very limited with the current batteries. It is outside NEVS's area to change that because, as far as I know, there is no affiliated university with research facilities for electrochemistry, neither in Trollhättan nor in China. It all takes a lot longer than I thought.

  • So I think if you really want a new one soon there will be dedicated Saab dealers who know someone in Sweden ...
    A nice film, and even if we enthusiasts don't like it, the NEVS statement avoids the uninformed return from the Saab workshop, disappointed: “They don't exist”. Certainly a good contribution to "Saab? Aren't they broke?" to “Saab, that's a great car”.
    Only someone should put a 9-3BJ 2002 next to a BJ 2014, there is not everything but different. There are enough other examples of reputed manufacturing where the framework carried similarly long.

  • I watched it live, of course ... Even my former Saab dealer told me at the time that he could sell Saabs if only there were some ... But it's nice that there are dealers who keep the brand down and, as the Lafrentz car dealership shows, themselves also actively takes care of the Saabs and supplies them with special parts. Top! Thanks for that.

    Greetings to Vienna to all and to you Mr. Lafrentz (last fall, the black 9-3 SC from Burger King 🙂

  • I have to agree with Franken Troll. Whether small or large SAAB.
    At the moment, you have not even positioned yourself among our own dealers. That would have been irrespective of having to sell and have to sell with serious interest in Europe.
    Now I will also slowly dissolve my fleet SAAB (5 !!!) and go into the renewal with other brands. Wait, and vague guesses can not be the solution. Pity ! I still have some hope, but time is running out.

  • Would still be nice if it would give as bridging the 9-3 in D. There is a need and many customers are forced to emigrate.

  • The fact that they already work on the Phoenix Platform or on the EV-2 has also been heard before. It was all over from the beginning, the EV-1 ready for the first time and then the EV-2, and if they want to start in a few days with the production of EV-1, then the development should be long completed. =)

    “… .But the customers don't want it.” There is actually a market for e-cars in Europe. It works fine in Norway, in the Netherlands I have the impression that a few cars could be sold there, and in Germany since then, e-Golf, politicians have been ready to invest in e-infrastructure. In addition, there are enough wealthy people in this country who would find it particularly attractive to own an e-convertible.

    My opinion is that NEVS is moving in the right direction, and that my son will also be able to buy a new Saab if he so wishes. 8)

  • Sounds good & motivating! I was afraid that one would put a lot of energy into the old 9-3, as beautiful as it is. The future looks much better this way!

  • Hello.

    Nice post yesterday! Congratulations!

    And with all the special Saabs in Kiel, my saliva almost ran out of my mouth! 😉

    If that's true with NEVS, it is worth waiting for 1-2 (or if necessary 3?) Years. The "old" Saabs are still good!

    Unfortunately I have to take my old Swedish donkey to the workshop after a trip to the coast…. (hope is just a little thing: hums very loudly). 🙁

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