Kenwood Navigation Saab 9-3

If you are looking for a replacement for a defective system or if you want to upgrade your 9-3 - still without a factory navigation system - you have a small problem.

Navigation Details © 2014
Navigation Details © 2014

The original system is good, but it's now out of date, and we don't get map updates for it. The optical integration of retrofit systems, on the other hand, is often unsuccessful, but we have found the solution.

There is a double DIN assembly kit for the Saab 9-3 from Kenwood, which was not officially available on the market for end customers and whose exclusive distribution has been taken over by a subsidiary of the Dresdner Mobilforum. The system fits the Saab perfectly, the difference to the factory solution can hardly be seen visually. The usability of the steering wheel buttons, with the exception of the telephone button, is thus retained. The kit is suitable for the installation of all Kenwood double DIN devices, with or without navigation.

A reader on the blog installed it in his 9-3 and wrote us the following:

“Kenwood offers me up-to-date multimedia navigation which, in combination with the installation material for Saab, comes very close to a factory solution (which is very important to me) and also offers a much larger range of functions. The Garmin navigation works reliably and the whole system is very easy to use in my opinion. I can use all current media, import music via USB and AUX-In and, if supported by my cell phone, stream via Bluetooth (A2DP). I listen to digital radio DAB +, which is received with the antenna interface via the original antenna! I can still control the basic functions via the steering wheel buttons and the color setting of the device buttons hits the Saab green to the point.
The output power is higher and with the audio interface, the original sound system is still fully utilized and sounds worlds better than the original radio, which was previously installed. Since my Saab has no parking aid, I have installed the Kenwood rear view camera - reverse pure - image there. In terms of price, this is certainly a good deal under an original Navi retrofit!"

The manufacturer's list price for the Kenwood 4230 BT and installation kit is € 1.299,00. In connection with the Kenwood 4230 BT, Saab partner Mobilforum Dresden offers the complete kit including installation to our readers at a special price.

The mounting kit is available for all Saab 9-3 from MY 2008 without auxiliary heating and includes:

1 GM-LAN interface for ignition and connection of the steering wheel buttons, except the telephone buttons.
1 audio interface for connecting the sound system
1 radio panel
1 antenna adapter, various mounting material, small parts
1 detailed step-by-step installation instructions (English).

The data for the navigation system are available on the manufacturer's website. With the Kenwood system, the Saab gets a contemporary solution, and it bypasses the problem of non-vendor software updates for navigation. In addition, even a rear view camera can be retrofitted, which is a nice thing.

Almost more important is the successful optical integration in the Saab. Pictures of already installed systems show that the operation was successful. The Kenwood retrofit adapts well to the Saab interior with the corresponding mounting frame, and NEVS will also use similar OEM solutions in the future.

Ronny Holfert (Tel: 9 3-035204) from Mobilplus will be happy to answer any questions about navigation and integration into the 270-444.

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  • A Kennwood Navi can be installed, but the auxiliary heating can no longer be started with a time program, as it does not receive a time signal from the Kenwood Navi - and probably other non-Saab devices. Only manual and outside temperature controlled start of the parking heater works.

  • “The assembly kit is available for all Saab 9-3 from MY 2008 without auxiliary heating and includes:”…

    and what do I do with my two 9-3-II (cv bj 2008 or sc bj 2010), in each case the original heater is installed? does the kenwood replacement solder still fit, or what is it that prevents the installation?


    thomas t.

  • Hello Lars, Hello Daniel - I'd like to stop here for a moment. The problem in the 9-3 II models before 2007 is not a CAN bus but an optical bus (i.e. light guide).
    Statement mobilforum Dresden: “... until My 06 the complete infotainment system was controlled via an optical ring bus. If a part is defective or not connected, nothing works. This has been changed from My 07. "

    Since there were no adaptions there is unfortunately no retrofitting possible. Unfortunately!
    Greetings Ronny Holfert, mobilplus.

  • Hello Rolf,
    yes that works with the devices mentioned - in principle, all double-DIN devices from Kenwood can be installed with them.
    Please contact me directly by email, so I can make a corresponding offer. By the way - Dresden is always worth a trip and there have already been customers who have handed in their vehicle for installation and were then traveling in DD as tourists.
    Can everything be clarified ...
    Greetings to Switzerland, Ronny Holfert, mobilplus.

  • Does this work with the DNX7250DAB or with DNN9250DAB?
    How much would it cost? What about delivery and installation in Switzerland? You're not just around the corner? Or could you plan a trip and wait for the installation?

    Greetings from Switzerland, Rolf

  • Again, a short note for anyone interested: Since the product change at Kenwood has overlapped with the constitution of the article something, the Kenwood DNX4230BT / DAB are no longer available. We have already rewritten all offered sets on the new devices DNX4250BT and DAB! The offer for the blog readers remains in the price range, so 899 € gross for the set with the BT device, 999 € for the DAB set.
    I am still looking forward to lively inquiries!
    Best regards, Ronny Holfert, mobilplus.

  • Hello Coopereins, I still have exactly one assembly kit for SAAB 9.5 from 09 / 2005 (MY2006) on stock, is then no longer available. If interested, please contact us.
    Best regards, Ronny Holfert (mobilplus GmbH)

  • Thank you for your commitment. Was on vacation for a few days and missed a decent GPS. I think the device is good, unfortunately another electronic part has to be repaired in the meantime. Let's see if I have the courage to make additional investments ...

  • A 9-3I Diesel Coupe, a 9-3II Sportcombi in blue, a 9000 CS in black, a 900I Cabrio from the city photographer, a 9-3II sedan, and sometimes a 9-5I 3.0 TiD station wagon and an earlier 9-5 Aero Kombi, these are the ones I know. But a lot may have happened in the last 15 months. When you return, you wag your hands, that's for sure! HHM-… and whatever nice combination is free.

  • There was nothing with Navi inside. An ordinary 1 Din twin tuner with antenna diversity. Operation via steering wheel buttons was possible. Display on SID not.

  • Well, that's a question of honor, colleague. We're not many here, but pioneering times demand pioneering deeds!
    KYF- ... ..

  • I can not say anything about the concrete implementation. I think nothing of installation solutions. This area continues to evolve so fast that it is no longer obsolete. Dear the simplest interface to the iPhone (jack and charging cable) and keep that up to date. Although this is unsatisfactory, but what helps, for example, an iPod control, if I can not listen to Youtube music video (we already do that more often). Not to mention the navigation. A HUD for a built-in solution? No way. With the iPhone as Navi? No problem, thanks to Navigon and Garmin (well, again more cables, of course).

  • Hello Daniel, yes, mine is a YS3D, the convertible was built until mid-2003, mine is one of the last to roll off the assembly line :-). Regarding the CAN bus: I thought the “YS3Dlers” also have it? Unfortunately, at the moment I don't have the time to research everything, and somehow I'm not a screwdriver either - I would like to be, but have no space to let off steam ...

  • Good morning to you too! Did another SAAB driver join the cathedral city while I was away? That would be nice. Don't forget to say hello, I'll also say hello when I'm back.

  • Yes, something like that - I started a market scan a few years ago and then got stuck with a Clarion (Max983, I think) - but then somehow I didn't realize it. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to saw ... will all SID and steering wheel functions be retained during such an action? The solution should (of course) be as discreet as possible, no bling bling, no black “piano” paint, no blue switches / buttons ... difficult, difficult!

  • @ Lars: Do you really mean the 9-3 I (YS3D, until BJ2003) or the 9-3 II (YS3F) in the pre-facelift version until 2007? Here must also be distinguished, since only from about 2006 in the interior of the double-DIN system was installed.

    As far as I know, this is still easy with the 9-3 I, whereas exchanging it with non-Saab radios with the 9-3 II 2003-2006 is simply impossible.

    Keyword: CAN bus

  • Hello Hans, was the Blaupunkt a “naviceiver” and in “double DIN” format? Was there anything from Blaupunkt? What I'm looking for should be technically up to date ...

  • At the source of the Navi Part 2 here on the blog I ordered a DVD. There are also some models for 2007.
    This works perfectly in my 9 3 from BJ 2006. Although probably not legal but if Saab itself offers nothing I think quite legitimate. Cost 43 €

  • Good morning from Naumburg / Saale to all. I have a question in the context:

    Is there any way to pair a normal smartphone (Samsung) via Bluetooth? 9-³ Vector, built in 2009. Contrary to the description, I miss the “Telephone” button under “Settings”.

  • It's been a while, but I think I had a commercially available Blaupunkt mounted in my 9-3 I. With cover and cable set. Everything from Saab and just the usual change needed.

  • Hi Tom,
    thanks for this interesting article.
    Is there anything as a retrofit kit for the 9-5 Bj. 2007?
    Cooper One

  • I have the Kenwood DNX 5220BT in my Saab and I am very satisfied. Can only recommend it. The installation also took place via the Mobile Forum Dresden.

  • What should I say - I've been looking for a good solution for the 9-3 I… 🙁 for years

  • Unfortunately nothing for the drivers of the 2007 models. And there will never be anything. Far too much integrated into the system


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