Fröberg drives the Saab 9-3 Aero

The engine press in Sweden tested the 2014 Saab 9-3 Aero and made its judgment. In this case, which is rare, there is agreement among the journalists.

SAAB 9-3 Aero MY 2014
SAAB 9-3 Aero MY 2014

The 9-3 is a fun car; its powerful turbo engine guarantees this. A real Saab. But…

He has noticeably aged, modern entertainment and active security systems are missing. And in direct comparison with the competitors, the Saab appears petite. Okay, the base is not the youngest, but the space economy is good for that.

Compact outside, space inside!

Although the 9-3 is slim on the outside, there is a surprisingly large amount of space in the interior, at least on the front seats. Some modern competitors, who optically have more pounds around their hips, do not offer more space for the driver and front passenger, in some cases even less. The Swedes have done their homework on the optimal use of space.

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Another criterion is the price, which is consistently felt to be too high. Maybe you are right there, maybe not. NEVS is being crystallized more and more out of the gasoline version of the 9-3 not producing large volumes. The focus is on the EV and on China. The question arises whether Trollhättan wants to turn on the price screw under these circumstances.

Space, multimedia and modern assistance system are gray theory, as well as the price discussion. There are enough vehicles that have excellent data on the paper, but in daily use are really tired boxes.

Age does not protect against driving fun!

Jonas Fröberg from Svenska Dagbladet moved the 2014 9-3 Aero in Trollhättan around the Saab plant and through the city. The weather was wet, gray. But my favorite journalist was brisk and had a lot of fun with the “nygamla 9-3” during his test drive. That's what matters !

The movie to Test drive is at Svenska Dagbladet available. The comment is, of course, Swedish. But the most important facts are displayed so that there is no problem understanding what it is about. And driving fun requires neither language skills nor subtitles. We understand that too.


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    This stupid cornering light should be banned, but there is enough / too much money to allow such manure systems to be approved by the KBA.
    I just saw someone driving around the block in the dark with daytime running lights and fog lamps. Technically should it be possible that in the dark simply the driving lights, right?

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    additionally: built-in Navis:
    - too deep gaze position
    - permanently on? and therefore too often too bright / optically distracting
    - too inflexible in terms of topicality

    That's why I equipped my parents' 9k with a Brodit holder and a device-specific tablet holder. If necessary, the 7 ″ tablet can be inserted, which can be swiveled back and forth and, with Android, meets your own requirements VERY flexibly and can also be purchased VERY cheaply.

    Even head-up display function is now possible with Android phones / tablet in the meantime.

    ... and while we're on the safe side: Bluetooth radios cost a penny and a penny, are VERY easy to retrofit, an external microphone on and my 23-year-old has a 9k hands-free kit that doesn't stop the engine in the event of damage or paralyzes other functions relevant to the vehicle.

    Too bad that the developers of NEVS do not read along here.
    They could get a pretty good impression of how they could make their loyal Saabisti happy and thus encourage them to buy one of their products (less frills -> less bulk -> lower consumption) and what they could do without.
    Here is an apt quote from J.Clarkson at the presentation of the Lotus Evora: "Lotus doesn't ask, what the customer might need, but what he can live without!"

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    .... Assistance systems ...
    It seems to me anyway that the shoulder glance has been abolished and cornering light has also replaced the day in the mirror.
    As far as entertainment goes, 220 PS and a deer exhaust are enough for me.

    * G *

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    If this is already written about further development, then for me the 911er is clearly ahead: the Zuffenhausen know how to steadily develop an inherently old vehicle and thus let even new competitors look old. But this also includes the constant up-to-date of ALL security features available today. If I read here then that deliberately shutting down existing security equipment, then you should withdraw someone like that directly, because that may still be on the racetrack, but we are on public roads!

    Perhaps Mr. Hürsch would also like to go back to the drum brakes, because what is the point of all the new-fashioned frippery with disc brakes and high deceleration. I dread it when such yesterday's people share the same room with me and others. And I wish all those who are still on the move today without navigation and who rely on the (hopefully timely) announcements of the radio stations, a lot of fun in traffic jams. And a bold ad afterwards, because today such a form of unnecessary pollution can be avoided by modern assistance systems.

    If these and similar statements are intended to represent the non-compliant Saab driver, then some here have understood nothing!

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      The presentation is not right now. Among other things, we gained SAABs because they always lead the way in safety engineering. Nobody wants to get into systems like ABS, ESP or airbags, and drum brakes have long been a thing of the past for SAAB, as they were still used on VW, BMW and Mercedes.
      If you crashed hard on the highway in the 80ern and 90ern with an 9000, you had to look in the rearview mirror as well as forward. I dodged the green strip on the central roof plank several times because the backers had no chance.

      That is not the point here. Nowadays there is an infinite amount of mischief built into the cars (light, rain, crosswind, lane keeping, parking, coffee break assistants), which can cause priceless trouble, and you are very quickly faced with an economic total loss! And the press shows us that a car cannot be driven without these “vital” assistants - what did we do before ???
      For me, a car is still a long-term purchase and the letter is at home. It doesn't matter to the leasing driver, after three years the box is “thrown away”. That's how long the frippery usually lasts and then there are new vital assistants that you have to have. The question is, however, how long our resources can hold out - we actually need two more planets to keep our throwaway society alive.
      The traffic assistants can also not work so well when I watch the stressed frequent drivers in their fully equipped company car in a traffic jam doing paperwork, texting, e-mail, etc ...

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    Au man, despite all assistance, physical laws retain their full validity. I can refrain from weighing myself in false security and being fooled by software and sensors.

    Also, entertainment and lifestyle are about the opposite of the good old nightpanel - from the reduction to the essentials.

    The vehicle and driver are only “up to date” if they move around in their immediate vicinity without being distracted and the driver has at least an idea of ​​the pavement under the tires ...

    Again and again I like to switch off the stability program of my chrome glasses SC in between, to get a feel for the conditions even when starting or accelerating and to avoid nasty surprises when cornering or braking.

    The exasperated previous speakers on the subject of “systematic” security speak from my soul. It would be nice if motor journalists also questioned entertainment and assistance more critically.

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      ... exactly, question!
      We had here on the Baltic coast last week again really thick fog, day and night and ztws, under 50m. This is normal in spring because the Baltic Sea is still bitterly cold.
      It was noticeable again that very modern cars drove in the day without light or with the maximum of the silly LED Christmas tree lights in the front, dark in the back.
      The “light assistant” says daylight - lamps off! Nobody has taught him that you can't look. The drivers are either overwhelmed with the operation or think everything is electronically controlled. This is then also sold as security and approved by the KBA as daytime running lights. Daytime running lights are what the Scandinavians have always had and not the LEDs, which designers have recently been using and forgetting the rear light.

      What all the nonsense leads to, you could see at VOX after the nice SAAB contribution on the VW bus ... And the car doctors mostly deal with such cases. Then a chic “old” 9-3, as already written above: less is more!

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        That's right, that's how I see it! Also the whole Gepiepse with light detector gave and does not exist at Saab like Volvo. If you turn the ignition key, the light is automatically turned off, no matter how the rotary switch on my old 900er is.

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          When positioning on the parking light, it will continue to light up in the old 900er ex works, regardless of the position of the ignition key.

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            Oh, I wanted to write differently: “when the rotary switch on my old 900 is on driving lights” and that is due to the Swedish car brands, the daytime driving lights in the Scandinavian countries, which I think is good. (also as an additional motorcyclist)

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      Here I can not quite take. Certainly a car is more honest if it has neither ABS nor ESP. It is certainly not safer.
      Of course you are right that people drive more carefree and ill-considered than before.
      But I do not want to miss ESP anymore, let alone ABS. At the latest, when an animal or child jumps unplanned on the street and is really fire on the roof, everyone is glad to have the security systems.

      Of vorgrgaukelter security can also be no question, since a vehicle with ESP in the same situation safer and faster response, as it can a vehicle without or the driver in it.

      From this:
      Infotainment and driver assistance systems (light-rain-automatic etc.) are 99% superfluous and do not encourage the driver's attention - on the contrary, driving a car is nice and chilled and becomes a minor matter.
      However, improved active and passive safety systems always have to be further developed. Because the increasingly powerful vehicles simply have to catch up with the technology, because everyone wants a 200hp + vehicle and the error rate increases as a result - and electronics react much faster than humans or have options to intervene in the vehicle that the driver never had (ESP - Decelerate wheels individually)

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    I do not understand the talk about the old car. Of course, there are vll. More modern technology, but that does not make an older car worse. The same applies to the Infotainmentgebrabbel. VII. I'm old-fashioned, but a) that's a radio and b) I just want to listen to radio or CDs / MP3s. Also on an old monochrome display.

    Otherwise the 9-3 is current. Especially when it comes to driving data. An Octavia VRS or a GTI accelerate identically and all three probably have the same vmax and a similar torque. That the consumption of the oh-so-old Saab in the cycle - presumably also in real life - something that is practiced by the competition - for free!

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    What I noticed, the belt can not be adjusted in height.
    The tester's belt was not properly over the shoulder. In the event of an accident, the driver's and passenger's shoulder blades will be broken ... That would be a detail that should be turned off in the next series, rather than installing something like technical gimmicks!

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      I would say you can adjust the strap in height. With our 2008er and 2010er models it works and with the 2014er model it is solved in the same way. For a very short moment you can see the height adjustment in the video.

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        Tom that may be. I know the height adjustment differently from my previous Volvos, for example. In addition, you can't see enough details in the video. Only that the belt is not attached high enough over the shoulder and the driver would break it if an accident happened….

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    All the electronic gimmicks are controlled by control devices. which in turn can be very vulnerable. Troubleshooting - why z. B. emptying the battery again and again overnight - is complex and expensive. The control unit to be replaced then too. And why that: for an electrically automatic trunk lid opening or electrically closing sliding side doors. Nobody needs ...

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    Twin turbo? What does that mean? Twinscroll? Or 2 turbo's (which I can't imagine)

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    Great. How the cameraman groaned.

    No human needs all the electronic stuff. Only drives up the costs. I want to drive and nothing else.

    Is not there an Aero steering wheel anymore?

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    🙂 tiny video ... you feel like driving straight away ...

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    It is certainly questionable how useful it is to have access to Facebook, Google, Twitter and the like while driving, and also what sense the access to a film database makes. Nevertheless, the monochrome display with AM / FM radio shown in the pictures is actually embarrassing for a manufacturer from 2014 - at least a navigation device is now actually standard.

    But you can also think a step further: I would see a comprehensive multimedia / entertainment solution more as a performance show than as an opportunity to show what potential you have. This is not unusual in the automotive industry - studies that are unsuitable for everyday use but technologically superior are known from every car show. Incidentally, the same applies to the assistance systems.

    Apart from the possibilities to combine modern entertainment with classic SAAB virtues: operation of radio, air conditioning, etc. via a screen system, without distracting the driver.

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    I would like to fully support my previous speaker.

    The 9-3 has a good chassis and a fun engine, that's enough entertainment. In addition, Saab has always stood for NOT distracting the driver. Try adjusting the air conditioning or looking for a radio station in a modern KdF car while driving - that ends in a blind flight for kilometers ...

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    Entertainment is missing… ..I'm stunned! All the important engine data are displayed, I'm sure!
    Security systems are missing ... what exactly? Park sideways? Cameras in the front and back on the side in case a cyclist approaches? Or information systems when I should brake, acoustic reminders if I stop flashing, or have the airbags been forgotten, the safety body slimmed down?
    Too narrow, the appearance? Yes, please!!!
    There are plenty of inflated cars ... and you can always argue about taste!
    When I come “around the corner” with my 9-3 sports suit, I am often asked about the clarity of the lines. !!!

    Nice sassy greeting

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      THANK YOU - better not to express it

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