Saab new registrations and NEVS & HP

Some short Saab notes from Sweden, compactly summarized:

For the statisticians among the readers BilSweden announces in the first quarter 2014 26 newly registered Saabs in Sweden.

Activities in the Saab factory © 2014
Activities in the Saab factory © 2014

Of these, 6 vehicles were included in the statistics for the first time in the month of March. The delivery of order vehicles to customers begins at the end of April, the previously registered vehicles have not gone private.

Partnership NEVS and HP

A well-known company moves back to Trollhättan. Back in GM times when HP took over the group-owned IT service provider from the Americans, HP was Saab's partner. And even during Spyker's brief intermezzo, they had offices near the main portal.

Now HP comes back, takes over the ancestral rooms, and in Trollhättan, 50 rebuilds to 60 jobs. NEVS outsources logistics, production and financing services. HP is also working with NEVS in China, and a German competence center will also be involved. This is located in the southwest of the republic and provides, among other development services in the automotive sector. The center also works for other manufacturers, which are among the interesting addresses of the auto industry.

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Saab driving report in Gothenburg's post

How difficult the balancing act for NEVS is right now can be understood by reading the latest report in Gothenburg's Post. NEVS has started with the ambition to deliver especially environmentally friendly mobility. You have to be measured by that. Unfortunately, the electric car is not yet on the market, and the 9-3 Aero can not convince in this regard in the test.

The data of Saab 9-3 Aero 2014 with automatic transmission compared to the competitors according to Gothenburg's post:

Saab 9-3 Aero 2014, 220 PS, 200 g / km.

Volvo S60 245 PS. 139 g / km.

Audi A4 225 PS. 152 g / km.

BMW 328i 245 PS. 149 g / km.

In principle, the 2014er 9-3 is nothing more than an 9-3 Griffin from the model year 2010 1 / 2. Since then 4 years have passed, the development continues. This also changes our Saab glasses, basic equipment for daily blog writing, nothing. In the model from Gothenburg, an 8 gear machine sorts the gears, in Saab only an 6 gear solution. The emission behavior is unfortunately not up to date.

“Stark motor, fint chassi och god kvalitetskänsla” sounds a little more conciliatory in the test report. “Kvalitetskänsla” stands for the perceived quality, which is certified as good. A not unimportant confirmation when you kiss a plant from deep sleep and start with a new production team.

The Saab is at least slightly ahead of one of the comparison vehicles. It is more environmentally friendly, more modern, more powerful, but the feeling for quality is worse. At least that's what a friend says who has had a test drive with the vehicle and decided against it. "It rattles," was his comment. As a note, it was not a German brand with which he was traveling.

Qoros on its way to Europe

Another quick look over the Saab-Tellerrand. In a Qoros is Swedish engineering knowledge, which comes to a large extent from Trollhättan. Accordingly proud one is in the homeland of Volvo and Saab on the newcomer. The manufacturer itself is as covered with its European plans as NEVS in Trollhättan and wrapped itself in the Geneva Motor Show in silence.

Meanwhile, the Chinese are talking to the BLG Logistics Group in Bremen, about the possible import processing. The company confirmed this to the industry portal “kfz-Betrieb”. The bets have been running since Geneva that Qoros will be present at local trade fairs in Sweden in autumn. It could come like this.

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  • blank

    Quoros ... so somehow I can understand the pride of the Swedes but ... the Quoros is obviously really good and has the potential to hit Europe. It has European design, technology and security (everything from Sweden, Germany and Austria). I see the Quoros here very often and it really doesn't look bad and somehow reminds of a Sabbath, just more modern. But that is exactly what NEVS will make life even more difficult in the future, unless NEVS manages to play in a higher league but you would need an XWD, (-speed automat and / or DSG and top engines with> 250 PS I think that for many ex-Saab drivers the similarities to Saab are enough to get a Quoros.

    • blank

      With all the modesty and respect for the Quoros brand, I think that at least for me it won't get that far ...

  • blank

    26 cars? So even with “SAAB glasses”, you should simply accept these statistics. Even if there is a private customer delivery in Sweden, that is absolutely no yardstick. These numbers are not worth mentioning. It will take a long time and let's see what really comes next. The bottom line is whether and when I can still buy a competitive SAAB in Germany.

  • blank

    A little strange, I think that you are still waiting with the extradition, it should already be produced a few hundred. Did they all go to China or is there still a part missing?
    As long as there is no money in the register and so many demo cars are not needed in Sweden.

  • blank

    I think I know exactly where the competence center is in southwest Germany and what it's called ... not 200m away from me ...

  • blank

    The stated CO2 output of new engines should always be treated with caution. Each manufacturer focuses on completing the test cycle as well as possible. In reality, consumption is massively higher. Above all, the TFSI engines made by VW are particularly noticeable. I claim now my 2 liter Saab Turbo consumes not much more than the latest Audi engine with the same performance.

    • blank

      I totally agree with Thomas. In truth, the stated value of the Saab simply comes from a time when CO2 & consumption were not the main selling points and the test cycles were not optimized accordingly. From experience I can say that the “old” B235 machine from the old 9-5 Aero had enormous savings potential. The newer year of the 9-3 Aero machine is not quite as economical, at least not with all-wheel drive. But there are sure to be new engines, so I don't see any problem in this regard.

      Rather difficult I see a possible distribution in Austria because the former Saabhändler usually have difficulties or even close. Rebuilding will take forever. I hope NEVS hastens to quickly sign a contract with the remaining sabbage dealers in Europe.

  • blank

    With the new engines, the CO2 problem should surely be fixed then. 6 new registrations. This is an increase of 600% compared to the previous year. Which manufacturer can say that already. 😉
    To Quors I say only so much, Nevs creates jobs in Sweden.
    Should the customers think twice when buying new cars.

    • blank

      Moin moin, Heiko!
      I can understand your thought of national (possibly regional) products ..., but as a German citizen I should then, conversely, vehicles from the Federal Republic. acquire ???

      • blank

        So I bought 3 cars from German production and drove for a long time. One is still driving my wife and is happy with it. It's also more about supporting a car brand, which in I say Europe Produces and does the work to revive a brand with tradition Will for heaven's sake but no one prescribe what he has to buy.

        • blank

          I cannot fully understand the statement or even consider it very critical. Qoros creates jobs in China and Romania (and later other countries as well). Where is a Chinese or Romanian job (more precisely: a Chinese / Romanian who is not unemployed and should live in “poverty”) worth less than a Swedish one? After that it sounds kind of.

          I don't want to start an argument, but I don't like statements like that - Saab love or not.

          For example, I give my money to the person who offers me the product that is best tailored to my needs, and a Chinese job is worth just as much to me as a European job. If I “support” a brand that is just entering the market, that's fine with me. Because another good competitor improves the competition between manufacturers - better developments - better for the customer.

          • blank

            Then buy a box and make sure that the Chinese have a job, one is your opinion and the other is mine. At least I don't see it critically.

          • blank

            The equivalence (of every person) ...

            ... is an aspect which, interestingly, was not introduced into the discussion by human rights activists, sociologists, do-gooders or philosophers, but surprisingly, industrialists and investors were the first to take up this ethical moral club ...

            Namely, to bludgeon site decisions and silence critics.

            Against this background, and of all things coming from this corner, the argument bounces off me without leaving the slightest impression.

            But of course a person - no matter who he is, where he lives and where he provides work - is always worth the same.

            Precisely for this reason one may also assume a certain cynicism, if it is precisely with the argument of equivalence that work is shifted to places where one can treat the workforce inferior to before and elsewhere.

  • blank

    That the quality is right, is important! Murks drives around on the streets!
    The thing with the CO2, however, is “a problem” ... I can tolerate it for the restart, but with the announced model change MUST be clear. the will for environmentally friendly cars be recognizable!
    I'm sure the SAAB-Ing. in Trollhättan manage that !!!

    • blank

      The CO2 values ​​are pure theory and have been created in the laboratory with pasted gaps, bicycle tires, and so on. The reality is a bit different and SAAB has never mentioned it badly.

      If you see some CO2 values ​​from local manufacturers, then they have obviously tricked physics and chemistry there too and created an ignitable mixture below the explosion limit - there should be a Nobel Prize for this!

      • blank

        It is stipulated that a vehicle with the worst wheel combination must compete for homologation, which is why the following instructions are to be read more and more often (especially at Volvo): “up to 205 tires consumption xx, xl / 100km, above yy, yl / 100km” .

        “Glued-up gaps” and such “aerodynamic improvements” also do very little to a vehicle manufacturer when it comes to homologation on the exhaust reel - at most, the vehicle looks silly. Reason: A homologation must be carried out in a closed room at exactly 20 ° C. The vehicle is parked in the room, a conditioning drive is carried out, the vehicle is stationary for at least 12 hours to cool down again and only then is the measurement drive carried out. The vehicle then stands on a measuring roller and drives the “beloved” NEDC. The only “wind” that blows there is that from the large radiator in front of the vehicle and it only serves to cool the unit because there is no driving wind. Everything else (air resistance etc.) is simulated with the help of the crown roll.

        So nowadays it is no longer shitty by tinkering with the vehicle so that it consumes little. This regulates the electronics much more easily and efficiently. And every vehicle manufacturer gives the same crap here - some just better than the others.

  • blank

    I can understand, the other make wasn't built in Sweden either, but in …… .. 😉 The processing is really mediocre and it rattles fresh from the factory 🙁

    • blank

      In Belgium you make but very good chocolate! Or am I wrong?

      • blank

        Exactly, they say it's the best chocolate in the world!

  • blank

    Logically it wasn't a German vehicle that rattled, you don't have to mention that with the German “premium boxes”, you know that they rattle, here and there soft paint flakes off again a DSG gets out ......

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