SAAB electric car production starts

The production of the Saab 9-3 EV has started in Trollhättan. This was announced today by Press Secretary Mikael Östlund Radio P4 Väst.

SAAB EV production started.
SAAB EV production started.

The first 200 electric vehicles will go to China in spring or summer. The Saab electric car is currently being built outside the regular production line, with series production starting on September. The sale of the first electric Saab based on the 9-3 starts 2015 in China, Sweden and Europe.

The exact date for market launch in the European markets is not yet fixed and depends on the approvals. The batteries of the Saab EV are located in the lower part of the body, which has been modified for this purpose. This allows the lowest possible center of gravity and good, sporty driving. The range of the vehicles will be 200 kilometers. In the Swedish press was at times from up to 280 kilometers speech and Östlund announced that the range should be continuously increased.

The weight of the batteries will decrease in the future, the energy content will increase, so Östlund on. NEVS aims to become a leading supplier of electric cars.

The way there is long and expensive, notes Victor Jensen of Radio P4 Väst. Does NEVS have the necessary capital? Yes, answers Mikael Östlund.

Pictures of the Saab EV, eagerly awaited, do not exist yet. NEVS keeps a low profile. But it is good news for us coming from Sweden. Europe is on the map for 2015 and Germany is on the European map. 200 mileage range is acceptable for starters. The battery technology is developing fast, increases within a short time are possible.


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  • Install LPG - so you don't have to drive a Saab tractor 😉

  • Nice that what happens, unfortunately I can not do anything with this tool for 200 Km. A diesel must come from

  • Unfortunately, 200 km range to the next socket is not enough for me, let's see how everything develops. I don't just need the car to go to the office. Still - good news!

  • so I buy a SAAB EV. I do my own electricity, it couldn't be cheaper ... other providers like Mitsubishi and Citroen don't have really nice and only narrow electric cars with strange seats. The Smart is only a 2-seater; and I think you need four of them. The VW Up (a so-called microcar) should cost over € 26.000. I would also miss the Night Panel 😉

    • The Night Panel even extends the range by a few meters ;-). So it's time to think about how I can get electricity for charging (no P at the house), a TTiD economy gearbox doesn't eat up a lot of taxes and could stay as a long-distance second car...

    • Can you make enough electricity to run a car? envy

  • It is only spoken about the electric drive. What about the conventional drives, or is the theme for Saab already?
    Are good turbos still in planning?

    • Don't worry, NEVS doesn't have a powertrain department in Trollhättan for nothing. When time comes, comes turbo ... 😉

    • When it comes to the “rest” I mean the turbos, of course ... ;-)

    • The thrust seems to be already electric cars. I continue to consider the current production of gasoline engines as a trial run. Whether a plug-in hybrid will come with a small (safe turbo) engine, may also depend somewhat on the available space in the vehicle. NEVS, however, does not seem to completely reject this after some vague utterances some time ago. Useful, because such announcements to reach are almost ridiculous. 200 km? Yes, on a Swedish country road with no traffic at 90 km / h. On German highways at Brrruuuummmmm then about 80.

  • Congratulations to Trollhättan!
    May this path be crowned with success and bring the necessary € / kroner into the company's coffers! The pleasant “rest” will surely also come….

  • Great thing - now NEVS only needs an importer to bring the cars to Germany!

  • Trust in NEVS is growing. Slowly but steadily ...

    Who knows what will one day rise from the ashes?

  • I'm curious.
    If no tax is levied and no registration money, as it is today in Holland, such a vehicle of course has a future.

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