SAAB test track

After traveling the day yesterday, and not having seen a single Saab on some 360 kilometers, but two new Maserati, today is the day of the office.

Saab Test Track SU Video
Saab Test Track SU Video

The desk is full and needs attention. There's hardly any time for the Saab hobby. How fitting that Saabsunited's friends produced a test track video. Filmed in Trollhättan on the Saab proving ground. While I take care of the unavoidable things, for the readers at SU, there are around 10 minutes of pure Saab. With subtitles.

There are even more insights into the Saab factory Instagram, NEVS shows pictures from Saab's everyday life and from the factory premises. A first step in the right direction. All manufacturers now have their own blogs, Facebook pages and social media activities. With "Inside Saab" until the end of 2011 there was a blog for a short time directly from Trollhättan. A trend that even NEVS can not escape, because we fans want small, direct insights. It's probably only a matter of time until we see an official blog straight from Sweden again.

Saab is on the rise, activities are increasing noticeably. It remains exciting!


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  • 10. April 2014 at 3: 32 PM

    Instagram is at least a small step ... A good website would be helpful (the current needs urgent improvement), more I dare not dream.

  • 10. April 2014 at 8: 29 PM

    I think it is slow but steady in the right direction! I'm really looking forward to the update and the convertible!

  • 14. April 2014 at 6: 28 PM

    The instagramm is quite good, every working day a new photo, sometimes known faces and questions are also answered

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