SAAB 9-5 NG spring cleaning

Some readers are on their way to the Easter break, others just have a sunny, relaxed weekend ahead of them. The opportunity for us to take care of the Saabs. Winter rims down, summer tires on, that's the motto.

Saab 9-5 NG Aero Turbo6
Saab 9-5 NG Aero Turbo6

In Lower and Upper Franconia, or more precisely in Bamberg, today the 9-5 NG were made ready for spring. Ralf Muckelbauer from Saab center Bamberg Bringing his 9-5 Aero Turbo 6 to the sun today, I took the afternoon to clean up our 9-5 Linear Bio Power.

Both vehicles, Jet-Black and Arctic White, shine freshly polished. The Aero is on Edge rims, the Linear got the turbine rims for the summer. Ralf Muckelbauer's 9-5 has the great and very rare panorama roof - great! They are both great and very individual and eye-catchers in any case. Which one you like better, Black or White, depends on your personal taste. And - just as a note - the Turbo 6 from Bamberg is not for sale, inquiries of any kind are pointless.

Allen Saab-infected readers a great, sunny weekend and have fun with the Saabs!


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  • "The Turbo 6 from Bamberg is not for sale, inquiries of any kind are pointless"

    ... I strongly assume that the Linear BioPower is also not for sale 😉 ...

    • It is exactly like that

  • got my 9-5 with the edge rims, but think about the Hirsch rims, must see in Kiel if I really like them better!
    @Tom: Congratulations! ... I felt the same way, the 9-5II had to be!

  • How rare is the panoramic glass roof, ie how many of the 9-5II were ordered with it? Here in Madison, Wisconsin is currently a gray with the turbo4 BioPower machine and a similar panoramic roof for sale. Under converted 50.000km, less than 20.000 dollars from the dealer.

  • Is there still a marginal ROTOR 18 ′ rim for a 9-5 of the last generation ??? Please report ...... ..

    • Saab Service Frankfurt has wheel rims and the rotor.

      • I asked him (shipping via Hermes to Lörrach - I do the transfer border myself; payment in advance by credit card) - but he says he doesn't want to, because it is too risky if I don't like rims ………………. hmmmm uncool. I'm running out of ideas - the guy has zero risk and wants to keep the rim. Does anyone have any idea how I can get this thing without driving to Frankfurt?

  • Am also an 9.5 NG owner (since 2012) and a very proud. A great car although unfortunately the voice control for telephone and sat nav disappointed. But this does not take away the joy that I have every day when I drive the jewel.

    Today I found a note on the car from a Saab driver who thanked him for allowing him to see this car on the street. Thanks to the writer, it's always nice to meet “allies”.

    • Also do not forget to keep the subfloor. This is very important!

  • Congratulations Tom to the 9.5 and good time all the time.
    Very nice car, I've just bought myself a 9.3 convertible from 2000, because it will probably be nothing with a 9.5.
    Have a nice weekend!

    • Thanks, dear Wolfgang. Your new Saab Cab will bring you a lot of driving pleasure and is definitely an eye-catcher!

      • Nice that you have one now, is just a great car. Since 2010 silent follower, have ordered my 12 / 2010 and have been waiting for 03 / 2011 on the delivery, was probably one of the last, then the shaking started. Your blog has helped me get over the first frustration and also given some assurance as to the spare parts situation.
        Thank you for your commitment!

  • Great cars! There is also someone in our neighborhood, when he comes by, I always drop everything ... a real eye-catcher.
    It's not about "WANT TO HAVE", but simply about a design that really stands out - SAAB!

  • Did not I notice something or since when do you call a 9-5 ng your own?

    • Our Saab fleet has been added at the beginning of the year, so I mentioned it between the lines. The 9-5 NG had to be

  • I'm looking for months an edge rim for my 9-5. Does anyone have a hint?

    • Should be available at the Saab partner.

      • Ordered in December, so far still no delivery date: /

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