Saab 96 tradition in the shop window

No picture from Sweden, no Saab picture from the 60 years. Our German Saab dealers keep up the brand flag with a lot of dedication and bridge the waiting time with some creativity until new vehicles from Sweden roll to us.

Saab showcase
Saab showcase

Where did this photo come from? As I said, it does not come from Sweden and does not come from times past. The Saab 96, flanked by Saab Mode, is in the Rhineland. The Saab Zentrum Bonn has re-decorated one of its shop windows in a vintage design. The shirts are recognizable Saab, the skirts with car motives come from a designer with a heart for automotive passion. It could be, so we are told, in the future also textile creations with Saab vintage motifs.

Saab showcase with Saab 96
Saab showcase with Saab 96

Passion for Saab comes in a variety of forms; there is no limit to your ideas. In Bonn, fans of Kunert Automobile AG, a long-term Saab partner, can admire the brand tradition in the shop window. I think it's good and refreshingly different!


Pictures: Kunert Automobile AG, Bonn


4 thoughts on "Saab 96 tradition in the shop window"

  • ... if we're already spinning around with clothes ...

    I would still be keen on a nice navy blue baseball cap with the HappyDriver (but it will probably not be “official”).

  • Good idea!
    The shirts with matching skirts dress really well 🙂! Do the matching ties / flies come for the men? A real eye-catcher!

  • Beautiful, still makes good in the shop window!

  • Nice idea …. 🙂

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