Orio AB Acquires Saab Spare Part Distribution for NEVS

The chimneys are smoking so slowly, and in Trollhättan new vehicles run off the line. Even if the Swedish tanks are almost indestructible and always protect us well, a service and spare parts supply is still needed.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden
National Electric Vehicle Sweden

The Orio AB, formerly Saab Automobile Parts AB, which has previously supplied parts for our Saab up to and including Epoch Spyker, will now also supply spare parts for the new NEVS vehicles.

Let's be honest ! This is not a surprise, because the setup with sales and the friendly is partly still and only needs to be adapted to the "new" parts. But future Saab vehicles will receive their service and their original spare parts as before from the traditional Saab partner. This is very good news for Saab drivers today and for our dealers!

The original article is available on this link.

Always a happy ride!

Text & image: yves@saabblog.net