New Saab 9-3 Aero leave the factory

Update: pictures & video

Today, NEVS has at least opened a new chapter in the Saab saga. Two car transporters with new Saab 9-3 Aero model year 2014 have left the plant in southern Sweden.

Delivery Saab 9-3 Aero 2014. Photo: NEVS
Delivery Saab 9-3 Aero 2014. Photo: NEVS

The vehicles are on their way to 20 bases distributed throughout the country. Customers interested in a new Saab can now book a test drive with the current model at selected local dealers.

NEVS has so far kept it under lock and key in which Swedish cities and at which Saab dealers the new 9-3 will be stationed. The local newspaper from Trollhättan was on site with a film team at this event - so important is the symbolism of the moment for the city. NEVS CEO Mattias Bergman also took his time for the press because it is also an important day for him. A short film sequence from today, Saab TV from Sweden, is available online.

One thing is for sure: it's a great day for our favorite brand! The last models rolled off the production line a good 3 years ago. Now, after a lot of fear about the fate of Saab, the brand is starting its comeback in Sweden, and activities around the Saab plant have also increased noticeably. In a few days, the first order vehicles should also go to the Swedish customers.

The Saab Saga continues, that's for sure!


7 thoughts on "New Saab 9-3 Aero leave the factory"

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    Now I'm confused. I thought the yee sir reported about was the first to order and get the new Saab. How come that only now first order vehicles are delivered?

    Love Easter greetings from Schü

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      You messed up a few things. Mr. Jonas Hernqvist was the first to order a new Saab, but he has to wait just like everyone else to get his car.

      These cars move to the dealers in Sweden and are for the time being only demonstration cars, so that not all interested parties have to go to Trollhättan to test the car.

      So, ordered vehicles are not delivered yet, and these cars are not customer cars.


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        Okay, then I got it wrong at the time. Thanks for the enlightenment.

        Btw. I drove in a Saab for the first time this week and was amazed at how big the 9-3 is and how well it drives and then I also understood why you are all so enthusiastic about these cars. I thought Saab was great so far, but was never a die-hard fan ^^

        Greetings from Schü

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    Now only “a few” of these transprots would have to get lost south and get stranded in the Alps, then my Easter would be perfect. I'm enthusiastic and believe for the first time that my next vehicle could be a Saab again. Well, my youngest is built in 2011, so NEVS still has a little time ;-). Keep it up!
    Happy Easter to all,
    Greetings from the again white alpine space

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    Wonderful! The first SCANIA car transporters are loaded and bring the SAAB's to the dealers! THAT WE WANT ALL !!! 🙂
    A beautiful sight! Keep it up! I'm excited about the future of SAAB ... and I'm also looking forward to this day for the employees in Trollhättan, who have had a long “dry spell” behind them.
    Happy Easter holidays!
    PS: currently I would always put the 9-3 in the carport ...

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    Even if “non-Saabers” don't notice it, it's a beautiful, hopeful day for us.
    When have there been so many new 9.3s in the past few years? to see.
    It is, despite many, even legitimate reviews still a nice car.
    What will the future Saabdesign look like?
    Are there saabypical features preserved?
    Are 9.5 and 9-4X to top?

    Have a nice evening and a lot of nice Easter excursions with our jewelry.

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    It looks like there will be a new blue paint job for Easter soagar - I'm looking forward to more beautiful colors.

    Green has come a little short in recent years - a dark, rich green metallic would be very nice, like my 9000er at the time.

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