A Saab 9-5 NG is a safe car

Traditionally, every Saab is one of the safest vehicles in its decade. Whether we're talking about the Saab 99, Saab 900 or 9000, the mission to build a safe car is firmly rooted in the Saab DNA.

Saab 9-5 NG accident, image: salzi.at
Saab 9-5 NG accident, image: salzi.at

The Saab 9-5 NG is no exception, and when it was released, it delivered excellent results in the Euro NCAP crash test. How safe the big Swede is in real life could be experienced last week by an 65-year-old Saab driver from Austria. His 9-5 NG V6 XWD from 2011 did not come to a halt on the A1 highway in time and got under a semitrailer that dragged the 9-5 a bit longer. Accidents like this are the real nightmare for every car driver and often do not come to a good end.

The vehicle structure is subjected to extreme underfoot, often collapses the passenger cabin. How that can end, I do not have to describe. The driver of the 9-5 NG was lucky in the accident and could leave the vehicle with slight injuries. The structure of the 9-5 has held and the Saab has fulfilled its mission by protecting the life of its driver.

The accident was a topic in the local media, the car is of course a total loss, and unfortunately so is a 9-5 NG less on the way. Which is secondary, because the Saab driver is fine and that alone counts. Everything else is just deformed sheet metal. The Saab workshop, which notified us of the accident, is very impressed with the behavior of the body in this serious accident. The images of the vehicle show that the impact energy was dissipated beyond the C-pillar.

And, even if I don't like accident photos and usually decide not to publish them on the blog, the story impresses me - and after some deliberation, I decided to publish it. Saab did a really good job developing the 9-5 and met all of the expectations associated with the brand. That is important, and the safe feeling when we are on the road with a Saab has been confirmed by facts. There's nothing more to say about that.

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  • Very impressive and a good feeling to drive SAAB.

  • The production .. sure, but that it has to be finished slowly is not so unlikely. Maybe at the 29.5 meeting in Sweden after all? Tim maybe hinted at it in the last post ... (or not)

    • The facelift is finished for some time. The question is when to show it to us. Probably not on 29.5. NEVS will hardly want to celebrate a world premiere in Örebro.

      • I actually understood that the facelift will be presented in Beijing ... I guess I misinterpreted something.

        • You had understood that correctly, only in Beijing one is not present. For whatever reason.

          • You don't go to a trade fair in the country of your future main market, but at the same time announce your participation in motorsport? Since my understanding is a bit overwhelmed ... Not to mention the fact that, as far as I know, something like that can devour insane sums of money. Much larger companies have thrown in the towel. Or?

            • Well, you're just one of the sponsors. And we don't have to understand everything ... but I think the budget for the STCC will be manageable.

          • I beg your pardon????
            At the moment there is a "car salon" running in Beijing and NEVS is NOT there ??? Did I understand that correctly??? The 9-3 EV was supposed to be presented there, which would initially delight China with safe vehicles! Or should the presentation of the 9-3 EV happen in 2015 or 2016… .. 🙁?

    • @ i.ant.kal I think it's the 9-3 STCC that NEVS will show there.

  • 🙂 It's really about time! Hmm, I guess another G….

    • I agree. Another G ... Last week the MY 14 started to be brought to dealers in Sweden, so the facelift will probably take a while ...

  • Respect!!!

    *another topic" …

    Slowly it is time to see the facelift 9-3, right?

    • :-)… What can I say? I am of your opinion. NEVS is reading along, maybe an answer will come from there?

  • I can only agree. I am a firefighter myself
    volunteer fire department on the highway A1, just outside Hamburg. Such rear-end collisions with a truck are usually fatal or resulted in serious head injuries.
    Also drive a 9-5 NG, one of the safest vehicles
    his class !!!

  • Am I glad to have one! Although I hope nobody comes in such a situation.
    However, a look at the safety data sheets also shows a higher number of high-strength components in the 9-5II.
    Where was the actual underride protection of the truck? Has in this country already every construction site truck!

  • Good for the driver that he has decided on a SAAB. Will definitely buy one again. Because: SAAB = safer than other metal boxes ... 😉

  • That's what a SAAB should be like! FOR SURE! and thus always a role model!
    Good for the owner and his family but also a shame about such a copy from the 9-5… ..

  • It is remarkable how little the A-pillar was buckled in the upper area - if the stability had not been given here, this would probably have led to the car roof being torn off with worse consequences.

    In the NCAP crash test video you can also see how the 9-5 II performs in the so-called pole test - the stability in the side area can also be described as very good and really impressive.

  • Wow ... there is nothing more to say!

  • Wow, I do not like accident pictures, but in this case, where no one has taken any harm, it's kind of ok. Especially really impressive how the car has fulfilled its safety function

    Greetings Cetak

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