NEVS & PWR Racing Team = SAAB 9-3 STCC

Do we now see the return of Saab to motorsport? At least not so small a step in this direction today in Sweden.

SAAB 9-3 of the PWR Racing Team
SAAB 9-3 of the PWR Racing Team

Saab producer NEVS and that PWR Racing Team today announced their cooperation in the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) for the upcoming season. The PWR Racing Team has been active in the STCC and GT Series since 2012. The Renstall comes from the Swedish Avestabut will soon be moving to new, larger premises Vikmanshyttan move. The team is owned by Daniel Haglöf and Peter “Poker” Wallenberg. The Wallenbergs are still connected to Saab, Peter Wallenberg was not entirely uninvolved in saving the Saab Museum and prevented the historic collection from being destroyed.

The driver presentation will be in April, but it is already certain that for the first time since 24 years a female driver will be present at the STCC with the 15 year old Emma Kimiläinen from Finland.

Jonas Hernqvist, Marketing Director at NEVS, confirmed in a statement Emma Kimiläinen as a pilot in the Saab 9-3 STCC and looks forward to working with the PWR Racing Team.

NEVS has once again demonstrated surprise potential. And I see it absolutely positively. Saab in racing has always been built on the commitment of private teams in recent years. Anyone who believes in building sporty cars must be credible accordingly. NEVS is moving in this direction with its involvement in the STCC. A good day for the brand!


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  • At least Emma cut a good figure on the first day of testing yesterday in Knutstorp and took 7th place - as the best Saab. 9th and 10th place went to Team Tido, also Saab 9-3 😉

  • Very clever move by NEVS to get involved in motorsport again or to support it. On the one hand, it builds up a sporty image and, on the other hand, you can drive development forward or test new developments. It's not even about engine development. Of course that's nice, but nowhere else do you need such material strength and wear resistance. Where else could you better test new materials and approaches? Or to put it another way - why do all car manufacturers weld their new vehicles over the Nordschleife and other racetracks?

    Are hybrid systems allowed in the STCC?

    In addition, you get a great advertising figure - Emma seems to be successful (according to what I could see from the horrible Google translation of the Finnish Wiki entry). And have you looked at them - this woman is perfect. Racer and looks beautiful.

    I would say that there is still a lot to come here. I wonder what NEVS pulls out of it.

  • And there are still people who are still meat today
    eat. / Luckily !

  • Aahhhh…. the 80s ... SAAB 900, SAAB 9000, Audi 200, BMW E30 and E24 ... well, it wasn't such a bad decade either. And not at all in motorsport 🙂

  • It's nice that, due to typing mistakes, people are talking about a “Renstall”, so to speak, which is typical of the country. 😉

  • That's how it is! And if you do not like it, you do not have to look!

  • Motorsport is the most beautiful and interesting way to advertise. That awakens emotions. I think it's definitely up to date. Anyone who is successful in motorsport also sells cars.

  • Green electric vehicles and petroleum-based motorsport at the same time, the marketing department will have a lot to do to get that under one roof ...

    People, people - motorsport is sooo 80s

  • Thanks for the info Tom! I hope the report will come soon!

  • ??? !

  • Such a superfluous sh ...
    Total proletarian crap and money burning! Out of time. But sales seem to be going well ...

  • In this case, I love coincidences, will be fine.
    I / we are looking forward to it.
    Greetings from the North heath

  • Mark continues his test and will report. From the table, at least for now, is the Triboron test with the community. Triboron would still be willing to do that, but my motivation is something, say, low.

  • As far as posters are concerned, Till from SU is the specialist because he happens to be the owner of a printing company. I ask him and I think he will not be averse

  • Well, for me that is a clear sign that NEVS wants to revive the brand so RIGHT and will, great !!!! Look forward!!

  • POSTER is the word. In my garage there would be posters of SAAB
    to do really well. Tom, how about?

  • On this occasion: do you actually continue the experiments with the products of Triboron, or is the matter after the polemics finally off the table? I think there are many readers here who are curious about your experiences!

  • Brand on the up, that sounds good!

  • Is there a better scope around various components
    to test in a vehicle?
    I think NEVS goes the direct way.
    Where can a manufacturer test better than in motorsport?
    See BMW - M- motorsport

  • ... and I think in motorsport you can't do without petrol and turbo!
    I'm glad!!!

  • Hope for many pictures and a decent poster !!

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