Saab Pilots wanted 2014 - registration closed

Although our 9-5 NG meeting in Kiel does not take place until June, all grid positions are already taken much earlier than we expected.

Four sports cars in Kiel gathered
Four sports cars in Kiel gathered

A circumstance that surprised us positively, because a meeting only for the (for the time being) last big Saab limousines and station wagons is already a very individual matter. The target group is small, almost hand-picked. The well-booked list of participants is once again a clear indication of the solidarity of Saab drivers with their brand.

Saab 9-5 NG sports and limousines from various European countries meet at 13. and 14.06 in Kiel on the grounds of the Saab center. All registered participants at “Saab Pilots wanted 2014” can already look forward to a Saab program with some small surprises.

Fans who did not register are welcome to the 14.06. Updates to the Saab event in northern Germany and the list of participants will be published on our event page in a few days.

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8 thoughts on "Saab Pilots wanted 2014 - registration closed"

  • Wish you all a lot of fun!
    I'm probably in the far north with my 95 NG, visiting Trollhätten, with all the “Saab cult sites”. But on June 12.6th I have to to be back in Basel, a shame.
    Many greetings from Switzerland

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    I might cry when I see the picture. I'm not usually a jealous person - but I do care for the owners of the 9-5 NG sports suit 😀

    I wish all participants and visitors a lot of fun at the event. Unfortunately I can not visit it, otherwise it would have been my first Saab event.

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    Have fun, joy and sunshine in Kiel!

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    Although I have no 9-5, but I like to pass the visitor's day and look at the chic cars.

    For model year 1985 (after summer break 1984) the 9000 was finished, delivery 1985. So in the fall he is actually 30!
    Would not that be an idea for next year?

    • blank

      It definitely is. We have 3 x 9000 in the hangar :-)… I think maybe the Saab Festival 2015 in Trollhättan will have the 9000 as a theme.

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        Some vehicles can be celebrated several times.

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    I'm already looking forward to it!! :-))

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    Then wish all participants and visitors a lot of fun !! We certainly a great event !!!

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