SAAB 9-3 STCC test in Knutstorp

After work, a short update for all Saab and motorsport fans! Yesterday the Saab 9-3 STCC of the PWR Racing Team was on the road during the official test days in Knutstorp.

SAAB 9-3 STCC in Knutstorp
SAAB 9-3 STCC in Knutstorp

Emma Kimiläinen in the NEVS-supported Saab 9-3 STCC drove an 7. Place. A really good debut for the first female pilot since 15 years in the STCC! Two more Saab from Team Tido came to the places 9 and 10.

Here are the results of the first test day:

1Fredrik EkblomVolvo S60Volvo Polestar Racing57.147
2Thed BjorkVolvo S60Volvo Polestar Racing57.177
3Philip ForsmanBMW SRWCR / BMW dealer team58.025
4Erik JonssonBMW SRWCR / BMW dealer team58.517
5Mattias LindbergKia OptimaTeam Kia58.630
6Andreas WernerssonKia OptimaTeam Kia58.808
7Emma KimiläinenSaab 9-3PWR Racing Team59.191
8Carl Philip BernadotteVolvo S60Volvo Polestar Racing59.255
9Richard GöranssonSaab 9-3Team Tido1:00.367
10Roger SamuelssonSaab 9-3Team Tido1:00.691

Today it was similar, Emma Kimiläinen with the PWR Racing Team Saab was again on the 7. Place and thus like the day before Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, who is traveling with a Polestar Volvo S60.

1Fredrik LarssonBMW SRWCR / BMW dealer team57.118
2Fredrik EkblomBMW SRVolvo Polestar Racing57.196
3Thed BjorkVolvo S60Volvo Polestar Racing57.212
4Philip ForsmanBMW SRWCR / BMW dealer team57.290
5Richard GöranssonSAAB 9-3Team Tido57.522
6Mattias AnderssonDaciaDacia dealer team57.620
7Emma KimiläinenSAAB 9-3PWR Racing Team57.971
8Carl Philip BernadotteVolvo S60Volvo Polestar Racing58.152
9Andreas WernerssonKiaTeam Kia58.298
10Erik JonssonBMW SRWCR / BMW dealer team58.390
11Mattias LindbergKiaTeam Kia58.392
12Roger SamuelssonSAAB 9-3Team Tido1:00.257

Richard Göransson with the Saab 9-3 STCC from Team Tido improved and became the best Saab on the 5. Space. Not a bad debut for our brand, we stay tuned.

The test days in Knutstorp go until the 25. April, the first race takes place at 10. May take place on the Knutstorp ring.


Picture: STCC

13 thoughts on "SAAB 9-3 STCC test in Knutstorp"

  • Well that you also need some “change” for something like that is also clear.
    Of course, such a violently riot-ridden car as they are in the STCC is not in it, but if you bother it with a slightly older 900 II or 9-3 I, that should be financially viable.

    Maybe there are SAAB fans who have some “change” and would support such a project 🙂

  • The 900R is at a collector who wants to rebuild it. What the current status is - I have no idea. Of course it would be nice to see a Saab on a German race track again. I like such (unreasonable) ideas 😉 Only it takes more than our idealism and the heart for the brand ...

  • Hello Tom

    Where we are already here on the subject SAAB in motorsport.
    What about the 900 R out of the 24 hour race Nürburgring 1995?

    The SAAB in the STCC are already top, but I would have much better if even at the Nürburgring again a SAAB would appear.
    The last one (SAAB 9-3) was 10 years ago.

    We could with the 900 R a SAABBLOG Racing Team reasons

  • So, I see two more points worthy of improvement:

    1. Own SAAB engine, according to specifications
    2. The KIA and especially the Dacia must be beaten.

    Greetings from the 80ern

  • In recent years, it has always been Nissan engines.

  • Presumably the Swedish TV will contribute ( If there's a live stream somewhere, I'll write about it

  • Are they just like last year pure silhouettes racing cars like in former times in the V8 Star series?

  • I could not find it out exactly, but it looks like it. In any case, SAAB would not have its own engine for it.

  • Can you follow the races somewhere ???

  • Hope the information keeps coming and videos about the races!

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