Shenbao D60 Aero at the Beijing Auto Show

Beijing is probably the most important auto show of the year. Actually, I was sure, and I was not alone with that: NEVS would be celebrating world premiere there with the Saab EV.

Shenbao D60 Aero Concept
Shenbao D60 Aero Concept

Have I been wrong or misinterpreted? Sure, it's motor show without NEVS and without the Saab EV! Plans are changing, for whatever reason. Another Saab descendant stood in the limelight. Accessible to all journalists was the Shenbao D60 Aero Concept. It assumes the series variant of the D60, which is already completed.

Parallel to the Shenbao D60 Aero Concept, a production car was available in a locked room for special guests. Pictures of the production version could not be made.

Shenbao D60 Aero Concept
Shenbao D60 Aero Concept

The Shenbao D60 is based on the Saab 9-3, whose rights BAIC has acquired from Saab. The Aero is made quite sporty and, as always, represents the top version of the model range. It seems that BAIC is allowed to use the name unabashedly. Just like BAIC in China generally appears as the legal successor to Saab and advertises Saab DNA and history. But, we don't know the treaties, so don't worry. If you can live with it in Trollhättan at NEVS, then I can too.

The Shenbao D60 is powered by a 2.0 liter turbo with Trionic and 204 hp. Not the engine we know from the 9-3 II, but BAIC is said to have transplanted the 2 liter from the old 9-5 into the D60. Perhaps organ donation from 9-5 to 9-3, with considerable effort, is one reason why the start of production of the D60 is repeatedly postponed. The start of series production should now be in the 4th quarter of 2014; a 1.8 liter turbo with 177 hp developed by BAIC is to complement the engine range. An electric version should also go into production.

Prices for the D60 are expected to start at 120.000 yuan in China, which is pretty much the equivalent of € 14.000. A competitive price, at least in my eyes, because the “Shenbao” brand is considered a domestic premium brand in China. Which is on the market with some success against the European brands.

More pictures of the Shenbao D60 Aero Concept at the BAIC booth are available from the bloggers of leblogauto who were in Beijing.



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    To drag on this mess on wheels is too easy, whether it has SAAB genes or not, the end product is more than bad. But after the Mercedes / BMW intersection named D320 I did not expect any better from BAIC.

    But the best I think the BJ80. I have never seen such an ugly copy of the G-model !!!!!

    Keep it up BAIC !!!

  • blank

    The first thing that came to my mind was:
    "Welcome, Mercedes-Benz CLA"
    The whole thing is too much for me and inconsistent. In the car is no cast in it, and thus lacks the peace that I enjoy watching SAAB.

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    The globally known brand name SAAB can not be overshadowed by the name Shenbao.

    It is only slowly about time that models on the PHÖNIX platform are also offered worldwide by NEVS under the brand SAAB in addition to the EV models - however, exclusive SAAB E. mobility is unlikely to be a viable event over the next 10 years.

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    Wow, the air inlets at the front are still very Saab, the side bead that runs out in the rear, that's no longer Chinese baroque - they make themselves.
    Well, thanks to incompetent European managers, Europe's know-how falls to China and we live for a few more years like the UK and USA from the substance - interesting story and actually Saab is a good example of how they proceed ... first prettifying outdated products and then again like with Quoros building brands with European managers and at some point there is only in China like cameras, television, clothing ...
    Saab will be an example in the automotive industry!

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    You can still recognize it by the edge of the roof / rear window ... And handbrake ... 😉

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