SAAB new car delivery begins

The 29. April will be at least a historic note in the Saab saga. Because starting tomorrow, Saab new cars will go into the hands of customers for the first time in a long time. Only in Sweden, shortly afterwards in the Netherlands.

Saab main portal © 2014
Saab main portal © 2014

NEVS today opened the delivery center in Stallbacka. Customers receive their Saab new car there; You can combine your visit to Trollhättan with a visit to the Saab Museum and a factory tour. Both are included in the new car package, as well as the welcome by a member of the NEVS management.

“A close and personal customer relationship is important to us. We want to start a long-term relationship with the customer when he receives the keys to his new car ”. Jonas Hernqvist, NEVS Sales and Marketing Director said in today's press release.

A nice gesture that speaks for a customer-oriented thinking. How long the idea of ​​personal greeting and handing over of the vehicle by high-ranking members of the management will hold out, is the question (hopefully) of increasing numbers.

Saab new car for the Netherlands

From May, there will also be Saab Neuwagen in the Netherlands. Customers can purchase Saab 9-3 Aero sedans imported from Saab affiliates in Arnhem, Apeldoorn and Utrecht from Sweden. Eindhoven will be there as the fourth location. The import is done by the dealer. The Netherlands have always been Saab strongholds, and I'm happy for the fans, whose long wait is finally coming to an end.

And Germany? Our favorite brand returns with new cars in Sweden and the Netherlands. I would like to report for Germany, but it can not (yet).

At least here, too, the media Saab presence is increasing. The Auto-Motor-Sport registers the early start of production of the 9-3 station wagon, the Autoblog also. No really surprising news, we fans know the plans since December.

After all, the autoblog writes "One of the most beautiful cars of its time, the Saab 9-3 SportCombi, is making its comeback. ” That pleases, is the treat on Monday and makes the evening and the way home in a 9-3 sports suit even more beautiful. Thank you, Autoblog!

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6 thoughts on "SAAB new car delivery begins"

  • Who would have thought to read this article before 2 years ago? It goes slowly but it goes forward.

  • SAAB is on the right track, if SAAB-Eschborn announced the restart in Germany and Austria it would be perfect

  • In the Netherlands, Saab fans can already look forward to new cars, but the black Saab clouds over Germany are slowly clearing.

  • This is a special car park for delicacies of the auto industry. The last picture from the main entrance here on the blog was a leaf there.

  • Nice article that makes you look forward to more ... and the 9-3 sports suit is really an “eye catcher” 🙂 because it is timelessly elegant!
    I'm looking forward to the ride every morning!
    The thing with the factory collection has to be offered ... .., nice for those who like it. The friendly (and competent) local dealer is enough for me!

  • A factory tour and a museum visit are great ... as far as I know, a southern German manufacturer (no, not the one, the other one) and a northern German one (exactly the one) offer similar new car packages. Always does well in terms of customer loyalty.

    In the picture above there is only one mistake ... who put the Ford there, please? Really ... a focus too! 80.000 km, and the box squeaks like grandma's rocking chair ...

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