First Saab 9-3 new car in customer's hands

NEVS has written a new chapter in Saab history. The first vehicles are in the hands of the customer and were handed over to the former Saab design center, which is now used as a customer center for delivery.

Saab delivery center
Saab delivery center

Pictures of the handover of the first two Saab 9-3 Aero sedans are available from saabcarsofficial on Instagram. It's getting serious for Saab, they're back in the circle of manufacturers. It is “a day of joy and a moment of truth, because our cars have to do justice to customers…” NEVS CEO Mattias Bergman told the local newspaper.

50 vehicles have meanwhile gone to 30 Saab partners in Sweden, and NEVS has really done that, which few have doubted. New Saabs are back on the road, an important step for the brand. Chapeau, NEVS!

Unfortunately, the joy is somewhat clouded, because the first new car went to Lennart Fahlgren in Lidköping on Friday - and Fahlgren is dissatisfied.

Some readers will remember that it was Fahlgren who did the ordered first NEVS Saab 9-3, His reason for dissatisfaction, the material for publication in the GT Expresses is: the Bluetooth handsfree is not working properly.

The handsfree is a kind of retrofit solution, neither beautiful, neither according to what you can expect 2014 from a new car, nor the claim of the brand owed. From NEVS probably at the last minute, and to protect the customer from illegal phone calls, installed as a solution. A small display attached to the left of the radio. What was meant well does not work well in this case.

Because the device does not work reliably, operation via the buttons on the steering wheel is not possible, and the display is not easy to read. The first bad press has arrived and the customer's annoyance is understandable. Why Fahlgren had to go public with it immediately - he describes himself as a fan of the brand - but the question should be asked.

One thing's for sure: the 9-3 from NEVS is a good car, probably the best 9-3 of all times in terms of driving behavior. But you have to work on the multimedia solutions. You do that in Trollhättan and you learn it. Everything should get better with the update. And for Fahlgren, you will find a solution that will satisfy you.

Even if the hassles cloud the day a little: NEVS has brought our little brand back on the road. If it is permanent then it would be a great achievement. That counts!

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  • A B-Class and 1er BMW are not cars either

    • That's how it is !!!

  • Who, apart from fans of the newer generation of Saab, will buy a new car with such a craft solution? Bad. There is also no navigation system, so you have to “tinker” yourself with the window. For that then 30k €? Since I can also buy an old 9k and retrofit the things and save> 25k € which I can invest elsewhere. E.g. in a top 901 convertible

    • Your bill has something! I did the number with the 9K last year, a convertible was available…. 😉

      I think the whole car is a bit of a “makeover” (or what to call it) to get things going. It is not for nothing that it is sold very restrictedly. With the update / -grade we will see what really works and then NEVS has to show its colors.

      However, when I look at the trays that Mercedes is tinkering with (e.g. B-Class), or the umbrella in the BMW 1 series smears on the black back in strong sunlight - puuhhh!

  • Now the child has already fallen into the well, why why why is less of a concern. Much more important is how NEVS reacts to it. You could now bring an integrated solution for the update - you absolutely have to - but if this is not mechanically and electrically downwardly compatible, then that will not do the current customer anything.

    Of course, it is not NEVS's fault, because the customer knows how the hands-free kit looks like. Still, it is not nice if it does not work properly. Here could NEVS out of goodwill retrofit the current 9-3er, provided that the update is there and the above conditions are met. The costs should not fail, here NEVS has taken so much money in hand, because it does not matter on the few thousand € on it.

    Also, do not judge Mr Fahlgren too quickly, or do you know one hundred percent that he ran into the press immediately and without NEVS? Maybe it is the other way around, that Mr. Fahlgren only said it is a pity that the handsfree system does not work one hundred percent, but not all tragic and that the media immediately made a rip off again? Does anyone know the second page of the story, or do all know only the article to which is referred?

    Have a nice holiday and a quiet long weekend,

  • The installation of the Bluetooth system is sloppy, no question, there are more professional solutions.
    For the small honor rescue of NEVS but should be noted:
    The BURY CC9068 is in my opinion one of the best aftermarket FSE. Speech control was originally developed for the Bentley Continental and BURY has won a number of tests (connect).
    My wife has the (optically almost identical) previous model CC9060 in her 9-5. Works very well, the voice control can also be woken up by “magic word”, SMS are reliably read out, etc. There are also regular firmware updates.
    In my 9-3 the original Bluetooth system is installed. Voice dialing eg via voice tags, for example, is very cumbersome, many functions (eg A2DP) do not work at all. The last cell phone change, it came again and again to disconnections. This is very unpleasant, especially since no more updates are offered.
    The communication quality is the same for both cars on the same level.
    Reasonable aftermarket solutions that can be elegantly integrated into the vehicle (steering wheel knobs, display etc.) have never existed for the last 9-3.
    I think NEVS will wait for the announced update and then present a correct solution.

  • SAAB fan or not, I think the solution shown unacceptable for a new vehicle. Something like that you get in the aftermarket for later self-install, ex factory I expect there already a more integral solution. When looking at such details you should also drop off the SAAB glasses, because these details can be daunting for customers, even if they seem to us as fans of the brand unimportant.

    Not every new customer will buy a SAAB out of passion, but for much more pragmatic reasons and with greater convenience - a car that looks good, drives reliably, is (more or less) economical and offers contemporary on-board entertainment (I say that as a cassette radio owner). And if I see that another manufacturer meets all of these requirements, but I have to do without the latter with the SAAB, then I decide against the SAAB.

    In some things you will not be able to avoid bowing to the zeitgeist ... which annoys us hardcore fans, but is essential for the success of the brand.

    To make the lack but so publicly to show, I think also exaggerated.

    • Thanks for the support! ;-)))


    • As a new car buyer I would probably be dead unhappy with this solution and would uninstall the “thing”. Why NEVS did not choose a modern system from the start is not entirely understandable. In any case, the criticism has arrived, you only learn from mistakes.

      • Especially as a fan of the brand you should not be satisfied with such solutions. Because new buyers should come and be enthusiastic about the brand. Finally, Saab should also be profitable and sell not only diehard fans cars. Because I'm afraid that you will not survive on your own!

  • I think a real fan should be able to overlook something like that.
    How many compromises had to be made as SAAB driver. Since such a speakerphone is a joke. Let's just enjoy the NEVS It has brought new cars back to the streets and to the customer. With the update then such minor issues are resolved.

  • With all the goodwill for Saab, I find this “hands-free kit” to be an imposition! It looks tinkered with and is not acceptable for a new car.
    Today you get even in a small car reasonable hands-free via Bluetooth.
    I'm also annoyed in our 9-3 (EZ 2010) about the lack of handsfree, although everything is prepared for it. But unfortunately, the corresponding technology is no longer available as a spare part. Or does anyone know more.

    • In the interests of Saab, I hope that the photo of the “hands-free system” does not find its way into the German media!

  • This “annoyance” should have been resolved behind the scenes…. 🙁 NEVS would certainly have been cooperative!
    So: Ran to work! A reasonable solution must come! The topic must be off the table!
    Still a wonderful day for NEVS and our SAAB brand! The first SAABs are rolling! And that's what they should ... .. :-)
    Sunny SAAB weekend!

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