Another Saab Turbo X in the community

The Turbo X was the first production Saab with four-wheel drive and at the same time limited to 2.000 piece special version. Fans rave about his sound and the handling of the only available in black Sweden.

Cool sound with addictiveness, cool rims
Cool sound with addictiveness, cool rims

The Turbo X was launched in 2008, a total of 2.000 units were produced, and fewer than 90 units are said to be on the road in Germany. Whereby "being on the road" is not to be taken literally. The majority of the Turbo X are in collections and are only allowed to take to the streets when the sun is shining. Many Saab partners have one of these compact four-wheelers with the crazy sound - which is said to be addictive - in their hall. The Turbo X shown here also comes from a collector.

In addition to the sound, the Turbo X can also be recognized by the special rims that were only available on this vehicle. Around 50.000 kilometers on the counter of the TX, Bose sound system, manual transmission and originally Swiss approval. Götz from Hamburg, Saab fan and collector, has thus fulfilled a great, long-cherished dream. The Turbo X should be the daily companion in the Hanseatic city in the future, the 9-3 Aero Coupe with Viggen Body Kit has to give way and is sold.

Saab 9-3 Eros with Viggen Body Kit are rare, due to the short production phase. The object requires action on the body while it is technically in order. The story of our 9-3 Aero with the Body Kit, read on the Youngtimer blog, gives you an idea of ​​what to do. If you are looking for it, the blog team will be happy to forward your request.

Back to the Turbo X. With friend Oli, Götz was on the way to bring the Saab Turbo X to the north. Two beautiful 6 cylinders Saabs on the way, both very rare. While the Turbo X is home to only a two-digit number in Germany, the 9-5 NG is about 200 vehicles. Which of the more beautiful Saab is hard to decide. Undeniably the better sound, which makes dependent, has the Turbo X. For all fans, which have no copy in the garage, and that will be the broad majority, there is a short here TURBOX Warm-up sound.


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  • Congratulations to the TX.
    But the vehicle lacks the front spoiler lip!
    Did you lose those on the overpass?

    • Thank you Walther, very attentive! I also felt very high-legged
      the black panther. Come back.

  • Thank you for the sound recording and sharing here!
    The rims, however, were not only reserved for the Turbo X, but could also be optionally chosen (also in two-color) in later model years.

  • Somehow the date does not quite fit. So a turbo X with red number today shot me twice. The last time at Kassel.
    Greetings to Götz

    • Götz & Turbo X are on their way to Stockholm today 😉

    • Jan-Frederik - I can reassure you - that was a different Turbo X. It was just on the ferry ride through “” and came from the Rhein-Main area (should have been after 15pm) - So a German Turbo-X which then comes up to me in the north and thus remains D-Land. But: the fever is spreading inexorably!
      Greetings JS

    • The one near Kassel can possibly be explained. If I'm not completely mistaken, this Turbo X was just on a transfer trip to the dealer from where he should then pass into the hands of his new owner. Specifically in the hands of my father. So there is one more in the community

      • Good to know ;-). A (un) reasonable decision that is a lot of fun. Congratulations to the TX and always good drive!

  • Congratulations, I want one too! (my troll is getting old;))
    I found something to body kit there
    Under classifieds ebay (troll search) there are still various body kits offered (VB 500Euro) and more Hirsch rims.

  • Super nice, have fun with it!

  • Congratulations to the black cream cut!

  • Brilliant, brilliant. A “Drömbil” 🙂

  • Congratulations to the Turbo X. And take good care of it.

  • Wow, some sports cars turn pale - always have a good trip and lots of fun Götz!

  • Great sound. Congratulations to the new, certainly proud owner of the SAAB Turbo X.

  • Almost like the old 900 turbo sound ... Congratulations Götz on the Turbo X!

  • Great sound! Congratulations, dear Götz!

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