SAAB NEWS TV - delivery of new cars

Yesterday, the first Saab 9-3 Aero sedans in Trollhättan were handed over to the proud customers. An important day for the brand and an important day for the investors of NEVS.

Saab TV - new car delivery in Trollhattan
Saab TV - new car delivery in Trollhattan

Because NEVS has proven, contrary to some fears, that you are able to bring the brand back on the road. The new delivery center is housed in the former Saab Design Center; a place where many legendary Saab models have sprung and which is literally breathing Saab history. The buildings stood empty for a long time and were in a sad state. The design department has moved, it is now centrally located near the development department.

A symbolic place suitable for the vehicle handover. NEVS-Saab CEO Mattias Bergman was there yesterday at the first delivery in the new premises; It was also an important moment for him and a personal milestone in his work for Saab. Svenska Dagbladet had a film team on site and had a short chat with Saab customer Marie Kristoffersson-Persson from Skåne.

Good Saab news, pictures say more than a lot of words ... the customer is visibly proud and happy. And we like it when new Saabs roll to the customer. All readers enjoy Saab TV and have a nice May 1st!


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  • I know some SAABists who “threw the gun in the grain” and no longer believed in the resurrection of SAAB. Thanks to Tom's reporting, I was actually always optimistic and he was right 🙂 Thanks and keep it up!

  • Dear Tom, Dear Saab fans
    I can fully agree with this comment.
    Just fantastic and strong, as Tom has been presenting and reporting the brand on the net for years. Everything just SUPER !!
    Best regards

  • Hey yu all: MRMSC stands for: Member of Rhein-Main Saab Club

  • That's exactly how I see it and the well-organized “German Invasion” in SAAB City last year is also part of it ... :)

  • But also in the not so good times - and especially then you showed a lot of tact, differentiated and reported fairly. And you did not fall into “doomsday lethargy”, but held up the Saab flag. Go on!

  • Thanks @all for the praise, which then makes me a bit embarrassed ... At the moment it is also easy to write about our brand, because it is noticeably moving forward 😉

  • I can only agree with the fat praise! Thank you very much for your sharp writing, the many top researched facts and your enthusiasm and your optimism! Greetings from the Sauerland Christoph

  • Dear Tom, something has to be said at last: You are reporting fantastic on the Saab events. Every day I read the latest information that you pass on to us trolli fans. I am happy that our favorite car will continue. I would like to buy 900 vehicles for my 2SE convertible, but unfortunately I don't have space for them. Keep it up and thank you again. With Saabian greetings, Detlef H.

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