Saab video & advertising in the ttela

How much time has passed since we saw Saab advertising in online or print media? It feels like half an eternity, but this phase comes to an end.

Saab advertising

In the online edition of the regional newspaper Trollhättans, Saab advertising is not always shown. Test drives have been advertised since the first 9-3 new cars were delivered to Swedish customers. The Saab slogan “körglädjen” - in German “Fahrspaß” - goes well with the sporty 9-3 Aero.

No Saab advertising has yet been spotted in the large, national Swedish newspapers. But it will only be a matter of time before Saab will show the flag.

There is a spirit of optimism in Stallbacka, which is also noticeable to Swedish fans. High-ranking NEVS employees are spotted at Saab meetings and patronize tables, talk openly about their work and inform about the next steps in Trollhättan. The enthusiasm about the work for the brand should be felt, it is reported. The famous Saab Spirit lives.

I do not think that in past Saab times there was such a close contact between manufacturer and customer. At least not in the last decade. All these are indications for a new, uncomplicated thinking and an exciting mission in the next years. NEVS not only talks about the importance of customer relationships, it also lives them.

I like that and it seems like a new kind of Saab culture is developing, a Saab Spirit 2.0, which of course is a very tender young plant. The road is still very long, Saab is at the very beginning with the comeback.

On the other hand, the delivery of the first customer vehicles in the new Saab delivery center is already a reality. The ttela has also put a Saab video on the net, which we do not want to deprive our readers. 4 minutes Saab TV, have fun!




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  • Clear Saab employees are now at meetings and Stammtisch. At 6 cars a day they probably do not have much to do either. There is time for the hobby and free time

  • Yes, even the German dealers are not idle. In the background, the conversations also take place here. The Dutchman is only faster

  • You could already see pictures of several committed German dealers in the NEVS plant on the Internet….
    And yes, an alternative to the standard gray-black would be great.

  • In the Netherlands, the first 9-3 new Saab vehicles will be available from committed dealers in the next few weeks. I would say it won't be long before the first copies are also available in Germany. I'm really excited about the pricing for the 9-3 CVs ... But please NEVS, MUT ZUR COLOR!

  • The woman's Tiguan is due next year, she would be ready for a Saab.

  • Very nice ... then I hope that the Swedes will remember the very good idea with the dealer tour and contact Mr. Schumacher and you dear Tom!

  • I once entered the slogan on Google Translate ... “Now the driving pleasure is back”. Hopefully that won't cause any trouble with the competition at the ANA roundabout 🙂

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