Swedish Distribution Services becomes Orio Deutschland GmbH

First Saab Automobile Parts AB, then Swedish Distribution Services. Now Orio Germany GmbH. The transformation of the Saab After Sales Division has also reached a further stage in Germany.

The Orio AB at the car fair Goeteborg, 2014
The Orio AB at the car fair Goeteborg, 2014

Since April 14, the former spare parts subsidiary of Saab Automobile AB in the Eschborner Tower has been called Orio Deutschland GmbH. As the first subsidiary outside of Sweden, the German branch on Orio.com has a presence in the local language. The portal offers online training and marketing tools for Saab Servie partners, among others.

For us Saab driver is still standing saabparts.com with the current actions as a source of information. Even after the renaming, our brand is closely linked, and as an aftersales partner of NEVS, Orio AB also looks after the new and future Saab models.

Orio wants to continue to grow and build up wider. In addition to spare parts for the Saab brand, other brands will soon be on offer.

Here is the press release of Orio Deutschland GmbH:

Swedish Distribution Services Germany GmbH extends this
Offer assortment and renamed Orio Deutschland GmbH.

With entry from the 14. April 2014 became the Swedish distribution
Services Germany GmbH renamed. The new name is Orio Deutschland GmbH. At the same time as the name change, the product range will be expanded, as well as a new website at orio.com.

The name change is a logical step in consequence of the name change of the parent company Orio AB - the former Saab Automobile Parts AB - in November last year, which has been responsible for the supply of spare parts for Saab vehicles since 1947.

Today, the company sells Saab Original Spare parts in 60 countries, whereby the German branch is also responsible for the Austrian market.

Orio will continue to provide and support the Saab service centers, repair shops and owners of Saab vehicles with spare parts, reliable service and expertise - as well as during the past almost seventy years.

Orio Parts logo
Orio Parts logo

The new name Orio is short, concise and easy to remember - just like Saab. At the same time as the name change, the new company logo and the new website will be launched at orio.com in Germany. With the name change in Orio, the development of additional business areas will be initiated in addition to the previous Saab business. The many years of experience with Saab forms the basis for a globally successful spare parts company with proven distribution structures, broad engineering knowledge and strong innovative strength.

Sales of spare parts, technology and services
For other vehicle brands, initial results are showing and the first expansion of the product range for Germany and Austria will take place this month.

"The opportunity to continue to grow within the Saab core business and to build new, additional business opportunities is a very exciting task. I am convinced that the huge investment, coupled
With the positive forecasts for the future, they form the foundation for a sustainable, successful and innovative spare parts and logistics company, "says Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, Managing Director of Orio Deutschland GmbH.

Source / press release / Pictures: Orio Deutschland GmbH

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    Juhu, the sign on the left front has made for a lot of fun in the office, thank you!

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    I do not think it will be Volvo. In contrast to Saab, they have a fairly dense service network in Germany. Rather, it would make sense to add a similarly wide-ranging service network as a supplement. For example, Honda, which is not synonymous on every corner.

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    Everything sounds very reasonable. My fSH says that Orio will also sell Volvo parts and the new SAAB's in the future.

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    Many SAABists now have at least two SAABs: a newer model and a young / old-timer. Would be nice if Orio not completely lose sight of this market. Finally SAAB are driven for a long time (compulsory: biggrin:)

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