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  • and the Hirsch logo is just great - stylish - understatement

    Ne acquaintances I've recently brought to a ride. He came around the corner with his company 5er-Touring. During the trip, she learned that he was lying with a Saab.
    Because you can't read a Saab driver's position within the profession! At VW Passat, CC - FREEDOM to simply steal the CC "from us" - Phaeton, Audi A4,5,6,7,8, Beamer 5,6,7, Merc ... that's different 😉

    • @ SeSi: Why shouldn't you be able to read your job position? We are the individualist ... ^^

  • Thanks for the exact info. At Hirsch, for example, the Saab logos have been unscrewed for a long time anyway. As good as no indication of what was once there. After all, your own car is now parked between Lamborghini and Bentley after a service, for example ... has something too 😉

  • To be honest, I think it's “stupid” that you just “put down” the griffin, for me it is still THE symbol and especially when it is emblazoned on the side of a Scania, you notice it all the more!

    So I think it's good that my FSH will hopefully keep its fat logo on on his farm ...

    Well, let's see ...

    • As far as I know, Scania holds the rights to the Griffin and did not allow NEVS to continue using it.

      • Exactly, that's the old discussion we've had more often. The griffin belongs to Scania.

      • I know that! 😉 BUT: My comment was about the protection of the "old" wagons. And when I come to the yard, I want to recognize something again ...

        • BTW: According to my information, a different color scheme would have been possible for newer cars, ie for example just the contour and / or cutout, etc.! That means simply a new interpretation! The griffin itself is the coat of arms of the Skåne region, no more and no less - but surely everyone here knows.

        • Unfortunately the time is running out for the griffin. There is also a fixed transitional period for the traders, then the griffin must finally disappear.

          • Is that what Scania has set?

            • Was negotiated by administrators, Saab and Scania when it came to future use of the trademark rights. Scania has given approval "out of respect for the Saab drivers" for further, temporary use by dealers and Saab Parts AB.

          • How, that means that even the old Saab-Scania logos have to be removed? That's more of a historical thing ...

  • I find it rather irritating to screw a logo to a store whose products you can not buy ..

  • I did not think the Griffon was bad, but that's past! You can get used to the new logo! More important is what is behind it! And I'm pretty confident that NEVS is doing a good job and will do it! Great I think the commitment of the Kiel! A role model to follow up ;-))! This is Spirit, which makes the Saab driver happy !!

    • I also had my problems at the beginning because I just liked the griffin. Meanwhile, I find the logo quite noble, in Natura it looks better than in pictures.

      • I do believe you! Then keep your fingers crossed that there will be a copycat in Münsterland! Then I'll look at the original also times! ;-)

  • Chic and classy! And if the SAAB customer is also taken care of “later” with commitment, HAPPY! 🙂
    Class commitment from the Kielers! They earn their SAAB customers !!

  • Well, I think the pylons are very classy ... looks really chic, fits the values ​​of the brand. And although I find that Swedes sometimes stand in their own way with their understatement, I also like the service slogan. Has something solid and calm ... you immediately believe in it.

  • Each discounter shower gel has a more emotionally more sedate logo than the new one from Saab.

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