Saab rims action and spring check

Good news for our readers in Switzerland! The national branch of Orio AB has put together a whole bundle of actions for the Saab drivers. Including Saab rims for a special price and much more.

Saab spring action for Switzerland
Saab spring action for Switzerland

So that our vehicles stay in shape, there is a spring check at the Saab Service Partner, which also includes the Saab Assistance mobility guarantee. The guarantee includes, among other things, a Europe-wide breakdown service around the clock, procures spare parts if necessary, or picks up the vehicle in the event of a breakdown.

If the Saab emblem is damaged, which is unfortunately often the case, then there is now also a fair offer for Swiss fans. If the Saab emblem has to be renewed, then there will be 50% discount on a new Saab sign with the Griffin.

Spring time is also wheel time. New rims provide a fresh appearance, the Saab makes even more joy.  For Saab drivers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Orio Switzerland AG offers original Saab rims for the 9-3 in 17 ″ and 18 ″ formats at a special price. In the campaign there are such recommended models as the Alu 90 “Turbine”, which we drive on one of our 9-3.  From the blog, the Alu90 gets the predicate commendable, even NEVS delivers the 9-3 Eros on this rim.

Even more fresh Spring actions  such as a light test with discount campaigns on the lamps, a SID campaign for Saab 9-5 OG and 9-3 I, can be discovered on the Swiss side.




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  • is unfortunately history, Saab AB has secured. For the future, it would make sense to set up national fair sites at, just like the national side for Sweden already exists. But those are just guesses, not more.

  • Thanks Tom. Do you have any idea whether there will be something like (Austria Homepage) again?

  • Hello Klaus, Austria is looked after from Orio Germany, as we saw with the “Spring Shine” campaign. I don't think that there will be an independent organization like before in the near future. If Germany gets new cars, Austria (presumably) also gets new Saabs.

  • Hello Tom.

    Do you know if something else is going to happen for Austria in terms of Saab?

    Thank you and best regards to you and all Saab fans.

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