Saab spring tour Chemnitz 2014

The countdown to the registration for the Saab spring tour 2014 in the Chemnitz area is underway. Next Sunday is the deadline for registration, who wants to be there, should register now.

SAAB Tour 2014
SAAB Tour 2014

Last year went our tour through the Elbe valley near Meissen. We all had a lot of fun - it was the perfect Saab day. Now comes the new edition.

Alex and Heiko have planned with Saab heart the upcoming exit. The Saab Springtime Tour Chemnitz will go via Flöha to Augustusburg, where there is time for lunch and many talks about our Saab hobby. Afterwards we continue through the beautiful surroundings via various stations back to Chemnitz. It is a detour to the historic grounds of the MZ motorcycle factory scheduled in Zschopau.

The tour ends on Museum of Saxon vehicles, which is at home in one of the oldest German garages. Touring the tour participants through the vehicle collection is possible for 5,00 € per person.

So the event will be quite “petrol-heavy”, as it should be. All Saab drivers and Saabs of all years of construction are invited and welcome. Around 20 vehicles have registered so far. Registration is possible until May 11th. Saab fans who want to be there can register here or by email (

The invitation to the SAAB spring tour as Download.

5 thoughts on "Saab spring tour Chemnitz 2014"

  • Hello Saab fans, is a possible late registration for the 25.5.14 still possible?

    • Just send an email
      Alex will contact you. I do not have the numbers in my head right now, but I have to be around the 25 cars.

  • blank

    Were on the last tour, it was great. Tom described it very nicely. We (my wife and I) have registered this time weeks ago and hope it has arrived.
    Is there a feedback via mail?
    Now for a nice weekend and maybe then in Chemnitz!

    • All good. Registration has arrived.

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